As a fashion show coordinator, you can take advantage of fun runway themes to promote swimsuit events. Pool party fashion show themes compliment the use of swimsuits and other swimwear such as cover tops, sandals and swim trunks for men. A pool party fashion show runway theme helps to put your swimsuits in action where guests are reminded of their purpose. Beach scene themes are also fashion show runway ideas that can be designed to promote swimsuits for the summer. Here are swimsuit fashion show runway ideas with tips that can be utilized for summer party themes. And maybe they could have models walk the runway in roller blades

The Pool Party Fashion Show Runway

A water based runway can be the main attraction to all of your swimsuit fashion show decorations. Build or purchase clear glass or durable plastic to create a swimsuit fashion show runway that sits above a large bed of water. It may be cheaper to host your event in a venue that already has pools on the premises to highlight these swimsuit fashion show runway ideas. Build the runway over a pool for swimsuit models to walk on, paying close attention to durability. You can also line the sides of your runway with small sea shells or other decorations to make sure swimsuit models do not fall over into the pool. Place beach balls, toy boats and other decorations into the pool to float around as swimsuit models appear on your fashion show runway.

There are decorative paper products, sequins and other merchandise that can be attached to the runway if a pool is not available. This creates the illusion that swimsuit models are walking directly on water instead of above it for your pool party fashion show runway theme. Fine artists who can paint the runway provide an alternate option for these swimsuit fashion show decoration ideas. Event coordinators may be able to use runways made of any material if a graphic or fine artist will be drawing or painting fake water scenes onto the platform. Seat guests around the pool or water based runway design in a manner that everyone has a good view of swimsuit fashion designs on display. Setup the runway to be elevated, giving designs more prominence at your swimsuit fashion show event.

Sandy Beach Fashion Show Runway

Build a runway that stretches along or around the seating area at your swimsuit fashion show event. Design the runway so that it creates a ditch in the floor instead of being elevated like other fashion show decorations. Setup a small stream of water to run down the runway as swimsuit models walk, displaying clothing and accessories for the summer season. As an event coordinator, you may need to hire a professional to setup the water system that will operate alongside the fashion show runway. Swimsuit models can walk barefoot or with shoes depending on your fashion show theme and the complexity of this particular runway design.

Enhance these swimsuit fashion show runway theme in the seating area using sand and beach chairs for guests. Beach towels can also be used as a substitute for chairs in your seating area. Sand helps to create an illusion that all guests are sitting on the beach during your swimsuit fashion show. Seat guests a few feet from the swimsuit fashion show runway to reduce the likelihood of them getting wet as models walk along the water stream. These sandy beach swimsuit fashion show runway ideas can be planned for indoor or outdoor events.