MAC is by far, carries some of my most favorite products when it comes to makeup. Whenever I get the chance to get up to the mall, I always find that I leave with yet another piece by MAC. I feel like a MAC princess lately, because no less than 5 days ago, my boyfriend bought me quite a few different things. Then last night I got the opportunity to yet again hit up a MAC booth. This time I bought my own things.

Included in my purchase was MAC Blot Powder, Loose, in the medium shade. The sales associate actually recommended it too me. She also informed me that the new powder is a lot neater than the older version of the powder, which comes in a large sifter container. This version comes in a much smaller sifter container, but it also included a blotting sponge.

I don’t know what it is, but whenever I find myself at a MAC booth, those damn sexy sales girls can always find a way to up-sell me, at times it can be a bit annoying, but it’s very cool when they know exactly what color would look best on you. Sometimes you find a girl who knows what she is talking about, and other times you get girls just looking to make a sale, and commission. The girl I got apparently only wanted commission, because when I got home, I was not satisfied with anything she recommended.

The Color:

In the store, she tested the medium shade on my hand, which seemed like a good match. She should have tested it on my face, but for some reason she tested it on my hand. The color looked great. A nice rich shade that seemed to match my skin to the tee.


When I got home, I was excited to try the MAC Blot Powder Loose. I opened the package, and found that they included another application sponge, which was cool because they get dirty pretty quickly.

Inside I pulled out the container of blotting powder, and unscrewed the top. The top has the actual blotter sponge attached to it. Inside was a protection disc, and although the disc says it is not meant to be used as an applicator sponge, it is in fact made of the same material that the Studio Fix comes with (so yes, you can use it MAC!).

Below that is the small sifting pot. A few shakes of the container (closed of course) and the powder will saturate the blotter.

I closed the container shook the hell out of it, and opened the container.

How sucky, barely any of the powder took to the sponge. I closed it, shook it again, and finally got some powder on it.

What sucked though was that I had to keep doing this to get more powder on the blotter sponge. It was annoying constantly having to open, close, open, close the container.

My Use:

Anyhow, MAC Blot Powder Loose, Medium is meant for touch ups. It will absorb oil, leaving your face looking fresh and clean. I applied some on top of my MAC Studio Fix concealer to ensure a longer lasting shine free matte look.

My shine area seems to be my forehead and nose. So after applying concealer I blotted some MAC Blot Powder Loose, Medium all over my problem areas.

The color though was too translucent. The small areas of shine were still shiny, and the powder did squat when it came to ridding my face of the shine. This was annoying because I had never ran into a MAC product that I absolutely hated, and so far I absolutely hated MAC Blot Powder Loose, Medium.

The medium shade was no way in hell a medium shade. It was too light, too translucent, and a waste.


MAC Blot Powder Loose, Medium is too expensive to not do anything. It should have concealed the shine, but instead it did nothing. It was like adding translucent powder to my face with absolutely no effect. This sucker is going back to the shop.

At $21.00, it’s a rip off.