Fashion is something that is ever-changing and whether it brings back looks from previous decades or it puts forward something entirely new and innovative, one thing is for certain, that people will follow it for the sake of being in style. Fashion in women is more prevalent than men, making women the prime focus of the fashion trend setters and the designers alike. This is the reason why females have had a lot of changes in their clothing style in the past century than men. Now, men could rock some fashionable best mens wallets.

Although fashion largely depends upon the country and the culture of that country, it can also have a lot of other factors involved in it. These tiny details determine whether or not if a designer is able to penetrate that market with their particular set of mind or do they have to customize their clothing line to fit that area’s market. In order to be more aware of the popularity of any fashion trend or forecast a popularity of a specific style, keep the following factors in mind and you will always be ahead of the fashion game.

Average Body Shape:

A lot of the styles are determined by the average body weight of the people in an area. If the people of the locality are generally very skinny or have a healthy body structure then tight body fitting clothes and styles may be in vogue. Women with an hourglass physique may also be prone to have a body attire to flaunt their curves instead of wearing loose tops and bell bottoms. On the contrary, in the countries with a higher number of overweight people, clothes that are flattering and flowy rather than skin tight are preferred. This lets the women be more comfortable and enables them to look more regal and elegant. This can be seen in Britain’s fashion as most prefer wearing fitted tops and skinny jeans while in most parts of USA, people are more into wearing tops with frills and fabric.

Restrictions in Attire:

Most Western nations do not have a specific dress code for men or women and people can wear what they like. However, in some countries, especially the ones with a Muslim majority have very specific dress codes. This can lead to the designers and brands making new cuts and using different fabrics to suit the needs of the people. The creativity involved in this can give birth to new styles, designs and hence produce another form of fashion. Women in most European countries are usually seen wearing anything from a crop top with a low neckline to wearing a full sleeved blouse. Yet in most Middle Eastern and Asian countries, women prefer dressing to get a more modest look by covering their entire bodies whether they are wearing a burka or not.


A big part of your style choice depends upon the fabric that you are using. This is because fabrics can depend on weather to weather and the weather depends on which country you live in. If the country usually has a hot and humid climate, lighter fabrics are mostly used in the manufacturing of their clothes, while if the country has a lot lower temperature then more clothes will be made of fabrics such as wool, cotton and jersey to protect them from cold.

Patterns and designs:

Due to such a variety of designs available in clothing, a lot matters on how they are stitched and what design, motifs or patterns they have. The pattern on the clothes can also relate to a culture such as Bohemian fashion is popular all over the USA and is a much-preferred fashion among youth. Many African countries have their own version of patterns that are native to their region and are a showcase of their culture and heritage. Most Middle Eastern countries prefer embroidered clothes and any embroidered fabric is considered more glamorous and high class in that region.

Fashion has always been subjective due to these factors influencing that industry. Although it shouldn’t mean that you must only restrict yourself from wearing something that you do not like or do not have your own style. Your personal preference should always be your top priority. You will only feel comfortable and confident when you like what you are wearing, and that can enhance your clothes more than anything else.