Pliers are known for extending and increasing the hand’s grip. They are levers that look simple and come with a fulcrum joint. By pressing the handles of the plier, you can increase your hold; every toolbox consists of pliers that come in different sizes, jaws, handles and joints. Every plier is suitable for a different task, and there are three types of pliers; locking ones, adjustable ones and non-adjustable ones. Looking for a pliers supplier in India is not tough, but before looking for a plier supplier, it is quite important to first know about the different pliers and the purpose they are used for.

Types of pliers

  • Pump pliers- The pump pliers are found in every toolbox and work somewhat like the wrench. Pump pliers have knurled jaws that can be adjusted to increase or decrease their span. These pliers are mainly made for gripping and turning nuts, pipe fittings and bolts. The pump pliers are perfect for plumbing jobs and other miscellaneous house jobs requiring installation or removal or bolts.
  • Longnose pliers- The name is sufficient to explain that these pliers are quite long and lean, which is why they can be easily squeezed in tight spaces. These pliers are perfect for bending wires and hold an important place in an electrician’s life. Longnose pliers are perfect for electrical jobs that require wiring.
  • Cutting pliers- These pliers, like their name, are used for all cutting purposes; they are used. For example, when one needs to cut through thick wires, cutting pliers is of great use. By squeezing the handles of the plier, you can expand your hold; each tool kit comprises of forceps that come in various sizes, jaws, handles and joints. Each plier is reasonable for an alternate undertaking, and there are three kinds of forceps; locking ones, movable ones and non-flexible ones.
  • Electronics pliers- The electronics pliers are designed so that they can be used to cut delicate electric wires and parts like circuit boards and fine wires. These pliers have narrow jaws, which help in tip cutting and trimming. In addition, the electronics pliers are some 5 feet long, so they can be easily held in the palm and used for making controlled cuts.
  • Insulated pliers- The insulated pliers come with dielectric coating, which covers handles and makes them less electrically conductive. The insulated pliers save one from getting zapped. This is best when it works close to electrical circuits, which can be harmful. Insulated pliers are a must for electricians or for those who do home electrical repairs on their own.
  • Linemen’s pliers- These pliers are perfect for cutting, shaping, holding and twisting a wire. Such pliers also have in-built crimpers and are quite heavy-duty to hold. The linemen’s pliers also have gripping jaws and are perfect for heavy-duty commercial and residential tasks.

Some pliers in India are Also, before making sure that you inspect, clean, and oil the pliers after using them, this helps lengthen the tool’s life. Another thing to remember is that while using the plier, one should always wear safety glasses to protect one eye.