Are you planning to organize a business meeting or an event for your company? If you’re dealing with such a situation, you will be faced with the challenge of choosing from among the plethora of places worldwide for your next business event. However, you’re just at the right place because this article will give you deep insights into why you should choose Barcelona for your company’s upcoming event.
This south Mediterranean city has a lot to offer you. The mild climate, adorable coastlines, plethora of beautiful hotels and affordable food makes it an ideal destination for all the professionals around the world. Here are five reasons for planning corporate events:

  • Stunning Architecture:

The sandy beaches framing this beautiful city is eye candy for architecture loving beings. The fascinating art and culture and alluring venues are a delightful view to enjoy. The city is abundant in colossal mansions, consecrated churches, modern buildings, which are the very spirit of this city.

  • Restaurants, Local Markets & Streets:

With the rise in the number of tourists every year, Barcelona is witnessing the emergence of new restaurants and rapidly expanding markets on the city’s cobblestone streets. As a result, people here enjoy Catalan cuisine, and the local markets cater to their everyday needs and ensure that the guests have a comfortable duration in the city.

  • Free WIFI Everywhere:

Yes, you heard that right. Barcelona is one of the largest networks of free internet in entire Europe. It comes as a boon to the walking commuters navigating the streets of Barcelona. The hotspots are installed around almost every street corner and give WIFI coverage in museums, libraries, markets, and even the beaches.

  • Top Meeting Destination:

Barcelona has become the hub of corporate meetings and events, so it was awarded as a top meeting destination by Cvent, a leader in the meetings industry and corporate event planning software.

  • Convenient Commuting:

With the free WIFI, you can always book a bike ride from your phone. Furthermore, with many apps providing you with a bike ride, you can unlock your ride with your phone and return it where you picked it up. So say goodbye to hassled transportations.

Team Building

Team building has a lot of significance in the corporate world. Many companies focus on team building programs to break down organizational and personal barriers and enhance motivation level and bonding among employees to reach organizational goals. But, once you decide to participate in a team-building program, the real question arises: where to go? Peeps, Madrid is the place. Team building is a wholly unique experience.
Madrid, the capital and the largest city of Spain, is the location for your team building activities. The city has got the finest architecture, culture and lifestyle and can serve to be the perfect place for your team to come together over savouring cuisine and wine.
Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor, the world-renowned El Prado museum and the emblematic Palacio Real are among the renowned tourists’ sites located in the city’s centre. Tapa tours, history walks, scavenger hunts, tapas challenges and whatnot. The city offers all these exciting activities to make everyone come together as a team, synchronize their efforts and teacher motivation and harmony among themselves.
So, the next time the question “where to hold corporate meetings and team-building events?” pops in your mind, you know where to go!