Blackburn is famous for its car services and other various facilities. If you are in this area or the surrounding region, you can take your car for its servicing. Repairing of damages & dents, maintenance and regular checks are some of the facilities you are given for your car. To save your time along with money, car servicing is a must for vehicle owners. By going for regular checking of your automobile, you ensure their best shape and efficiency.

Different Levels of Car services in Blackburn

There are four levels of car services. You can choose among the following levels, as per your needs.

  • First Level of Service

If you want the service to be within your budget, you can opt for this type of service. You won’t have to spend huge expenses on this type of car service. It involves replacing your oil filter & engine oil, fluids top-up, checking up your bonnet, battery testing and inspection hoses and belts. In addition, you can also get a checking of the charging system, adjust hand brakes, check the cooling system, and inspect the safety of your vehicle. Being an affordable option, this service lasts up to 15,000 kilometres or 12 months (a year).

  • Second Level of Service

The second level of service is known as major service. Being a step up from the previous level, the cost of this service includes a little bit more cash. Apart from covering all the essential services of the first level, major service covers extra things. Air filter replacement, engine management system checking, external fuel filter replacement, fault code analysis and a diagnostic scan, and the replacement of non-platinum spark plugs are some of the extra services covered in the level. As it’s a second level, the service lasts up to 30,000 kilometres or 24 months (2 years).

  • Third Level of Service

It is called Premium service. This type of car service will give you more than the first and the second level of service. Lasting up to 45,000 kilometres or 36 months (3 years), this level includes all major service things, with two types of extra check-ups. First, you get your brake fluid and coolant checked and replaced. Though, people don’t opt for the replacement of these two systems if they are working properly. But, getting checked and replaced can avoid the risk of wearing away your car parts due to microscopic particles of rust.

  • Fourth Level of Service

This is the last level of car service available in Blackburn. It is known as the ultimate service. As the name suggests, it is the ultimate service for your vehicle. You can opt for this type of car service if you want to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition for up to 60,000 kilometres or 48 months (4 years). You will get throttle body clean, fuel tank additive, an on-car fuel injector flush, and engine de-carbonization. However, it’s the most expensive service type, but it benefits you and your automobile in the long run.
By opting for one of these levels of car service, you secure your car from major damages. Car servicing increases the car resale value, helps claim insurance, increases your vehicle’s long-run, avoids life risks and supplies you other benefits. Neglecting the car service can result in negative effects on your vehicle. Hence, regular car checkups, repairs and replacements of parts will help in giving better performance!