A yacht chef has one of the most rewarding jobs in the entire world. It allows you to travel the globe, seeing amazing off-the-beaten track locations that are primarily the vacation destinations for the super wealthy.

You must be able plan menus well, taking into account ingredients and dietary restrictions. You also need to be good at food safety and hygiene.


Any chef who wants to work on a boat must have a professional culinary qualification such as a City and Guilds degree or culinary diploma. It is also essential to have experience in a professional cooking environment, as well a good understanding of food safety regulations and food hygiene. Having an understanding of different cooking techniques and recipes will be beneficial as well. It is important for a yacht chef to be flexible and adaptable when planning menus.

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A yacht chef needs to be able find ingredients and produce from many places. This may include remote areas where it is difficult to get what you need. You will also need to have a good understanding of the cuisines of the various places you’re going to be working, so that you can create meals that reflect local flavours.

As a yacht chef, you won’t have the luxury of working with a lot of storage. So, you need to be organised and able work in small spaces. It’s also not a job for someone who gets seasick easily, as you will be living and working in the same space and there won’t be any chance to escape back to shore for a break.

Most chefs who are new to yachting start as a second chef or sous-chef under an experienced yacht cook before moving up. This is a good way to learn from those who have already reached the top.

Other qualifications such as the MCA Ship’s Cook Certificate are also useful, as they demonstrate that you are trustworthy to work on vessels. You should be aware that yachts often only have one chef, so it is important to consider this when applying for a position via montclair Chef Agency. It’s a good idea to also have a sommelier certificate, as it will set you apart and show you have the skills necessary to serve high-net worth guests.

Work As A Yacht Chef

To work as a Yacht Chef, you need to have a variety of culinary abilities and skills. They include a solid understanding of international foods, menu planning, and culinary creativity. Adapting your cooking style according to the guests you serve is also crucial. It could be as simple a request for fusion dishes or as complex as catering to dietary restrictions.

A good yacht chef will also be able to organise their kitchen effectively. This includes ordering and provisioning in isolated places, as well as managing stock levels and food waste. Many yacht chefs are in charge of all catering, including private dining, for high-net-worth individuals and will need to meet and surpass their expectations.

A good yacht chef should have excellent communication and teamwork abilities. They will need to be able to communicate clearly with the captain and crew, and must be able to utilise everyone’s strengths in order to achieve results. This is especially important because yachts are generally very close living quarters, with people spending a lot of time together.

Some yacht chefs are recruited directly from the professional kitchens of the catering industry. However, it is also possible to train in the field. Chefs who are new to the yachting industry often start as second or sous chefs for a more experienced chef before moving up to a head chef role.

Most yachts have a luxury food budget, which means chefs can really play with some of the finest ingredients in the world. It’s not uncommon to have things flown in from all over the world – think Kobe beef from Japan, white alba truffles from Italy or saffron from Morocco. It’s the yacht chef’s job to ensure that these high-end ingredients will be used to create delicious dishes for their guests.

Most yacht chefs have a Food Safety and Hygiene level 2 qualification. However, some may have additional training in areas like wine service or buffet services. Yacht chefs are often required to perform additional duties, such as cleaning, grocery shopping, and general boat maintenance, in addition to their culinary skills. It is also not uncommon for chefs to take temporary, or daywork, roles on smaller yachts in between charters. This is a good way to build up their resume and gain experience before applying to permanent roles.


If you are a professional chef and love the sea, then a career as yacht chef could be very rewarding. This is not for the fainthearted. You will work long hours and be available to answer any late night requests from charter guests.

The average salary of a yacht chef depends on the boat’s size and type. The chef is responsible for cooking for the yacht’s crew and guests as well as maintaining a clean and hygienic working environment. A yacht chef should be knowledgeable of different culinary styles and techniques, and have the ability to create dishes from scratch.

It’s also important for the yacht chef to be able to adapt and learn quickly in a highly demanding working environment. Chefs at sea must be able follow instructions and work in a tight-knit group. This position requires a strong personality as the yacht chef is constantly interacting with crew and passengers.

If you’re interested in becoming a yacht chef, start by contacting local crew placement agencies and asking them if they have any temporary or daywork positions available. Some yachts hire chefs to be sous chefs for the time the head chef may be away on holiday, or for any other reason. This is a great opportunity to get into the industry.

Asking about openings at the docks where yachts are moored is another option. Some yachts need chefs all year, while others are only looking for them for a couple of months. Some boats include meals and accommodation on board, or even crew housing as part their compensation package.

Some yachts pay for your travel to and from where you will work. This can be a huge benefit, especially if you’re traveling to far-flung places primarily the vacation destinations of high net worth individuals. Getting to see these off the beaten track destinations can be a real treat for any adventurous chef!


A yacht chef needs to be a team player. The crew is often a tight-knit family. You need to be flexible in order to adjust to the constantly changing schedule. Your working environment is also much more crowded than a typical restaurant kitchen. Therefore, you will need to learn to make the best use of your resources and space. A yacht chef must also be able meet the needs and expectations of the guests. These can vary from person to person.

The lifestyle of a yacht chef isn’t for everyone, and you should think twice before making this your career goal. You may miss out on many family events, holidays, weddings and birthdays while at work. Some chefs are able cope with it, but others find this very difficult.

Lastly, you should consider how comfortable you are with being away from home for long periods of time. The yacht may move around frequently, and you might be away from home for several weeks. You’ll have to get used to the idea of eating in a small space and living out of a bag.