Everyone would have heard things like “a good lifestyle is an important aspect in someone’s life” or “one should avoid a sedentary lifestyle”, but why are all of these said? Why is it so important to have a healthy life? What does one mean by a sedentary lifestyle?
Below will a guide talking about the same topics and looking at why lifestyle has such a huge impact on one’s health and quality of life.
But before that, one must understand what lifestyle is and what living a sedentary lifestyle looks like.

What is lifestyle?

Lifestyle is constituents by various factors such as attributes, attitudes, values, and virtues that drive them to live their lives a certain way. In very simple words, lifestyle is how or the way the person lives on a day-to-day basis.
That being said, let’s take a look at what a sedentary lifestyle is. To support the lifestyle want to live, you could always consider playing sports betting online via Floorball Ontario and try to win a decent amount of money.
A sedentary lifestyle can be said to be the exact opposite of a “healthy lifestyle”. It’s a type of lifestyle that involves little to no exercise and includes regular consumption of junk foods, excessive usage of the screen such as mobile and laptops, and excessive sleep or less sleep.

So, why should one avoid a sedentary lifestyle?

The answer should be quite obvious. Let’s think about it this way, a person usually sleeps late at night and sometimes wakes up earlier, and sometimes late, they don’t have a good sleep schedule. The same person is usually seen as stuffing their mouths with junk food and always sitting or lying down. What could happen? It’ll be natural that the person will gain weight, may experience obesity which could further lead to various health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure, etc.
Now let’s understand another scenario, a person who has a good sleeping schedule, exercises at least four days a week, and keep a check of what they’re eating, but then they go around smoking and daily consumption of alcohol; this becomes problematic even though it may seem like a person is living a healthy lifestyle on the outside, but it’s not that. Smoking and alcohol consumption leads to addiction and causes damage to the liver and kidney; in worst-case scenarios leads to minor and major heart attacks.
According to a study conducted by World Health Organisation (WHO), nearly 60% of health problems directly correlate with lifestyle.

So, what are some aspects that contribute to a lifestyle?

Some aspects like exercise, sleep, nutrition, sex behaviour, substance abuse, medication contribute to how healthy a person’s lifestyle is. And for you to work out in style, be sure to wear womens golf polo.
Medication abuse is somewhat similar to substance abuse but with a difference that medication abuse means consuming medicines without prescription or consumption of medicines more than what is prescribed or required. It is considered to be an unhealthy decision.
Sexual behaviour too plays an important role. One may wonder why? The answer is simple, unusual sexual activity or activity with different people may lead to transmission of STIs or STDs.

Concluding Thoughts

The way a person lives their life affects their overall well-being, from physical to mental, and tends to disrupt their environment. Hence one must have a good and healthy lifestyle.