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Ahh, New York Fashion Week. for decades, fashionistas around the world have been stopped in their tracks by the mere mention of it. It’s a time when the world’s fashion elite and descend upon the (arguably) most fashion forward city in the world. Everywhere one looks there are models rushing to their next fitting, designers lunching and planning collaborations, A list celebrities sitting front row, Tim Gunn looking handsome as always, and Bill Cunningham snapping photos of the most jaw dropping ensembles. In a word, it’s heaven. But it’s also a whirlwind filled with beautiful clothes, stunning fashionistas and dreamy aspirations. But amidst the usual recognizable names there are always hidden gems – new designers who delight you with their take on fashion and style.

Lovely ladies, all wearing looks from DORE’s latest collection.

So a couple of weeks ago during New York Fashion Week (NYFW) I had the chance to check out such a brand, Dore, and share with you their unique vision on women’s ready-to-wear fashion.

Stella Maze, Dawn Smart
Dawn Smart (left) , beaming during the happy occasion.

Dore is a unique brand that began in 1979 with a single shirt design for a cha cha dancer. Word got around and soon enough, they found themselves firmly entrenced designing unique costumes and ballroom floor-ready pieces for dancers and entertainers, and even for NBA players! Two decades later, they found themselves world’s largest producer of ballroom dance dresses! Like all good things, people wanted more and they started to accept commissions for cocktail dresses and wedding dresses. This brings us to Dore today,a design company which offers not only jaw dropping couture but also stunning ready to wear collections for the everyday women.

For this Spring/Summer 2016 collection, Dore is both inspired by the modern woman’s lifestyle as well as “flowers blooming in a garden.”

For this Spring/Summer 2016 collection, Dore is both inspired by the modern woman’s lifestyle as well as “flowers blooming in a garden.”

Years of practical knowledge on how the body moves has allowed DORE to create beautiful clothes that not only look beautiful, but is comfortable to wear. Th VIP guests and models I spoke to (who were wearing DORE) gushed about how amazingly comfortable the clothes were.

Their background in dance has gone a long way. Dawn Smart, the company’s primary designer who happened to teach dance herself, finds the perfect balance between comfort and style. The pieces are easy to move in and even easier to envy! Her collection does not shy away from drama or bold colours- another nod to their dancing heritage. The spring and summer collection, unveiled at NYFW, was inspired by gardens and flowers. This influence can be seen throughout: vivid colours, curved lines, flower accents. It’s the perfect collection for a season filled with outdoor weddings, parties, and long summer nights.

DORE’s Co-Founder and Designer (middle) with two lovely models, all wearing DORE, of course.

This event was especially close to my heart because I had the opportunity to take some of my Blogger Babes along with me! About 30 of you showed up, and for a few of you, it was your first NYFW fashion event. Seeing their excitement and nerves took me back to my own first experience years ago. One thing is for sure: after all these years, the excitement never wanes! (Nor the search for the perfect outfit to wear )

Some of the beautiful people attending DORE’s presentation.

There is always time for a selfie.

It’s a wrap! Dawn Smart with the models celebrating after the successful event. Can’t wait to see what DORE will come up with next!

Anyway, one thing is for sure, do check out Dore! It’s full of delightful pieces perfect to pick up for your next party or special occasion.I really can’t wait for the collection to be revealed and I can check it out myself!

Heidi Nazarudin is a former CEO turned fashion & lifestyle blogger, public speaker and event host. She has worked with brands such as Saks 5th Avenue, Armani Cosmetics, Salvatore Ferragamo, Etienne Aigner and many more, and has been featured in the media numerous times. She blogs full-time at but lives on Instagram @TheAmbitionista. Sometimes, her boyfriend drags her back from the interwebz into real life to walk on the beach in beautiful Santa Monica, where she lives.