Sapphire Rings are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a gemstone that offers both grandeur and a natural elegance. Sapphires are available in a range of colors, including blue, green, yellow and even black.

We recommend considering color, luster and brilliance over carat weight when choosing Sapphire rings. The right size depends on her finger size and the shape of the center stone.


Sapphires come in a wide variety of colors, although blue sapphires are the most famous. They are also known as durable gemstones, making them ideal for engagement rings. You can choose a deep sapphire for your eternal love. Or a pink sapphire for friendship and compassion.

Sapphire Rings

When choosing a sapphire be sure to consider the color, tone and saturation. Hue describes how light or dark the color is, while tone describes how pure the shade is. Saturation is a measure of how much the color stands out against the background. The more saturated the sapphire, the more vivid it will appear. It’s important to note that natural sapphires may have eye-visible inclusions, which are fractures and minute crystals inside the stone. For the best value, you should choose a sapphire which has as few inclusions inside as possible.

The color of the sapphire will affect the way it reflects the light. Therefore, it is important to choose an setting that will enhance the stone’s beauty. Some types of sapphires, like yellow sapphires, will look stunning set in a yellow gold band. Others, like blue sapphires, are best suited for white gold settings.

While sapphires are known for their blue shades, they also come in many other colors, including pink, purple, yellow, orange, and green. These tones are called “fancy” sapphires and are less expensive than blue sapphires. The most valuable colored sapphires are those with the highest saturation and a deep, vivid hue.


Sapphires are incredibly durable, and their color holds up beautifully to everyday wear. They are also a sign of love, loyalty and faith, making them the perfect choice for an engagement ring. Helzberg has a wide range of sapphire styles from regal shades to vibrant pinks or dazzling yellows. We carry the highest quality natural and lab-created sapphires from Sri Lanka, with most stones displaying no secondary colors and a high level of saturation. We also avoid the sapphires of Madagascar and Africa, which are often extracted under unsafe conditions using child labor.

The most common sapphire is blue. However, this gemstone occurs in all colors — including black or colorless — depending where and how it forms. The most valuable sapphires have a rich, deep hue that is pure and saturated. Blue sapphires can range from a dark blue to a cornflower color. Yellow sapphires and padparadscha sapphires are even more vibrant.

The color and tone of sapphires is also important to consider when buying a ring. In addition, be sure to evaluate the clarity of your chosen stone, ensuring that any inclusions aren’t visible to the naked eye.

With a variety of shapes, cuts and styles available, there’s something for every taste and budget. The most popular sapphire cuts for engagement rings include round, cushion and oval. The best sapphires are well-cut and have a uniform color, tone, saturation, and cut throughout.

Choose a traditional oval or round sapphire ring for a classic look. For a more contemporary look, try a rose cut sapphire with beautiful lines and understated details. Or, go with a fancy shape such as a trillion, pear or heart. We’re here to assist you in finding the perfect sapphire ring for your special someone.

Carat Weight

Sapphire rings come in a variety of styles and prices to suit any budget. While blue sapphires are the most popular, these precious stones can also be found in every color of the rainbow.

Sapphires are renowned for their durability and strength. This makes them an excellent choice for rings, particularly engagement rings. Many jewelry shops offer Sapphire rings with diamonds mixed in. There are also sapphire ring designs that are embellished with other gemstones to give them a more colorful appearance.

Shoppers can find a wide variety of sapphires at jewelry stores. The prices of these rings vary depending on the quality and size of the gemstone. In general, bigger sapphires will cost more than smaller ones. In addition, the color and clarity of a sapphire can affect its price.

If you are looking for a large sapphire of high quality, a specialty jeweler or independent jeweler is the best option. These jewelers are able to give you a detailed report about the sapphire color, clarity, cut, etc. Moreover, they will be able to match you with the perfect sapphire ring based on your preferences and budget.

You can still find a sapphire ring on Amazon or Blue Nile if you are on a budget. These online retailers may not be the best place to buy a sapphire ring, but they can be a good place to find cheaper alternatives such as sapphire earrings and pendants.

A reputable jeweler will always be able to provide you with a GIA certificate, which is a certification from a recognized gem laboratory. Moreover, it is important to avoid purchasing Sapphires that have been chemically enhanced.


Sapphire rings are a beautiful choice for couples looking to add something classic and timeless to their jewelry collection. They are also known as being durable and strong, which makes them a good choice for those who wear their engagement rings daily or other important jewelry pieces. This gemstone is second only to diamonds when it comes to hardness. It will resist scratches, dents and other everyday wear. Additionally, sapphires are often associated with wisdom and faithfulness, making them a thoughtful choice for engagement rings or other significant occasions.

The price of sapphires is determined by several factors including color and clarity. While blue sapphires are the most popular, there are also options in other hues such as pink and champagne. In general, lighter shades are cheaper than deeper ones. The clarity of a sapphire also impacts its price, as higher-quality stones are typically more valuable. Clarity can be determined by the presence or absence of internal inclusions.

Inclusions can make sapphires even more beautiful. They are not just a normal part in the formation process. Inclusions, such as needle-like inclusions, are responsible for the unique asterism effect (star) seen in some sapphires. Inclusions also give sapphires a velvety appearance, which is highly sought after.

Origin is another factor that can affect the price of a gemstone. While sapphires are found around the world, gem grade sapphires from Sri Lanka or Kashmir are generally considered of higher quality.

There are many options when shopping for a sapphire. You’re sure find the perfect ring, whether it’s a simple solitaire style or an elaborate multi-stone ring. Consider pairing your sapphires with diamonds for an extra special ring.