An elegant diamond tennis bracelet embodies classic luxury. Flexible and comfortable to wear, its sparkling brilliance adorns any wearer.

Chris Evert, champion tennis player and avid collector, became more familiar with its popularity after she lost hers during a match and had to ask the referee to pause so she could search for it. Since then, it’s become an indispensable piece in every jewelry box.

The History

Natural Diamond Tennis Bracelet was once seen as a special occasion piece meant only for formal events and special occasions. But in the ’70s, something remarkable occurred: Chris Evert lost her George Bedewi diamond bracelet during a tennis match and made headlines worldwide! This event forever altered our perceptions about these jewelery items.

Natural Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Though her request to pause the game so she could look for her lost bracelet was unusual, this incident made the world take notice and cause many diamond bracelets – now called tennis bracelets – to change names in response to this public event and become one of the most desirable pieces in jewellery history.

Today, slimline bracelets have become timeless pieces of jewellery; an indispensable addition that pairs well with both formal and casual clothing alike. Not only can it make an excellent present for someone special in your life but they are also stylish treats you deserve to treat yourself to!

The Style

Purchase of a diamond tennis bracelet is an investment that will last generations, so take care to maintain it with regular cleanings and professional checkups to keep its condition in tiptop shape.

Tennis bracelets feature articulated joints which create multiple spaces where dust and dirt can collect, necessitating regular cleaning to protect it. Furthermore, wearing it on your non-dominant hand as per jewelry etiquette may reduce risks such as scratching or damaging from everyday wear and tear.

When purchasing a tennis bracelet, the best way to determine your size is by measuring your wrist. A flexible measuring tape works best; alternatively you could wrap some string around your wrist and measure with a ruler – make sure that an extra 1/2″ to 1″ are added onto this measurement for comfort.

The Material

A diamond tennis bracelet is an exquisite piece of jewelry perfect for various special occasions and looks great no matter the event or attire – be it formal or just out and about running some errands.

Diamond tennis bracelets come in many designs and materials ranging from simple and understated to elaborate and extravagant. You’ll also find them made with various precious metals like yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum.

Before purchasing a diamond tennis bracelet, it’s essential that you know your size. Use a tape measure or tie a string around your wrist and cut to get accurate measurements; from there you can easily calculate its size; be sure to add half an inch or an inch as this will help ensure a more comfortable fit on your wrist.

The Carat Weight

The top diamond tennis bracelets pair perfectly with other jewelry pieces, especially watches and diamond rings. Their style works equally well against cool or warm skin tones; in addition, its clasp should be secure enough for one hand operation.

Tennis bracelets can add an elegant and striking look to any look – whether casual wear or formal events. Bolder styles make an impression while lighter weighted styles blend more subtly into everyday life. Just be mindful that any strenuous activities such as sports could damage or lose the diamonds on the bracelet!