MAC cosmetics has a few new collections out. It seems that MAC is putting out so many back to back that it is hard to keep up unless you are a true die hard MAC fan. For the rest of us, it is easy to miss one completely because we have just shopped the one from before, which was less than a month before they introduce the next one.

The fall inspired collection I will be over viewing today is “Burmese Beauty”. I really like the name of this collection and after seeing it, the name seems to fit it perfectly.

This collection consists of colors that are deeper in hue with lots of greens and some red colors as well. These colors would be perfect for fall on women who like wearing deeper colors during this season.

Overall, there are 7 products that are offered including a brush, mineralized blush, and lipsticks.

Some collections seem to only focus on a few products, but you could certainly buy something from each category here to do your entire face if you so choose.

There are 2 pigments available and they each retail for $19.50. These pigments are in the smaller packaging, but do cost the same amount as the originals. “Antique green” and “gold stroke” are the 2 hues and they are both frosts.

For those who do not like pigments because of the fallout and mess you might get when applying, than there is an eye shadow quad for you. Retailing at $36, there are 4 colors that work well together to create a smoky or dramatic look. A light gold, olive, light yellow, and a deep brown come in this package and all have different finishes. This is a great way to get an entire look and try out the different finishes, such as satin or matte, which MAC offers.

Mascara for $14 and a lip liner in a strange purple red color for $14.50 are the items that do not thrill me at all, but might be on someone’s list.

The 3 liquid liners in this collection are definitely something that I would lean toward. The colors are a maroon, green, and greenish brown, and are different that most other companies eye liners and at $17.50, might be a splurge some women will take to get this fall colors.

There are also some lip products offered including 4 lipsticks and 3 tinted lip glasses that all retail for just under $15. Nothing really stands out to me except the light “green” tinted lip glass and the nude taupe shade in “spree” that come in lip glass form. The lipsticks range from a nude shimmer to a dark looking fuchsia burgundy mix and the other lip glass is a deep brown – definitely something I would overlook no matter what season.

I do like the mineralized blush in a beige color that sells for $21, though I am not sure if many women are willing to pay over $20 for something this shade, but some might.

The small face brush is just a tiny version of another one they already offer and I am not willing to pay the steep price of $34 for it.

Overall, I am not too impressed by this collection, though the name is nice and suits the colors well. Of course this is only my opinion and you should check it out for yourself if you want to. Women wanting deep colors might venture out to some of the darker lip shades, but I can see where the other colors might see more.

This collection is really a miss for me, though some might love it.