Tactical knives come in different forms, but in general, they are meant for military use. These knives are generally designed for close combat and hand-to-hand use. These knives can also be used in non-military settings. Let’s explore the various types of tactical knives and their features.

Tactical knives


The ESEE tactical knife has a full-tang construction and comes in a black or desert tan color. It is strong and durable with a blade that measures one-eighth inch thick and a flat grind. This makes it great for slicing and batoning. You can also choose among a variety sheaths, such as the Tactical Survival Sheath.


Boker tactical knives are a versatile and high-quality tool for everyday use. Boker is a brand known for its innovative design and functionality, making it an excellent choice to use every day. Boker works with experts all over the world to design and test their products. The knives are made in Germany, and the USA, and are guaranteed for everyday use.


Kershaw’s tactical knives might be a good choice if you are looking for quality pocket knives at a reasonable price. Many of their blades are made in the USA, but many are also made overseas, mostly in Asia. However, that doesn’t mean they are of lower quality. Kershaw pocket knifes are available in many different lines, including Cryo, Leek and Shallot, Blur and CQC.


The ESEE-3 is a popular model among the many fixed-blade tactical knives. This knife is well-known for its slim profile, lightweight construction and many sheath options. It features a 3.88″ blade made of 1095 steel that has a plain edge and is coated in black powder coating. Micarta handles can be made from carbon steel and come in a variety of sheath options.

Yojimbo 2

The Yojimbo 2 tactical knives is a great choice for those who want a tactical knife that’s not heavy. It is a solid and well-built folder with an updated blade. The knife’s new edge geometry provides increased edge strength. It also features nested stainless steel liner for a comfortable grip. Compression Lock is also featured on the knife to prevent it from falling out of hard impacts.


The Strongarm knife is multi-functional and can be carried almost anywhere. It has several components, including a highly-adaptable sheath. It is a high-quality knife that’s great for everyday carry and has been tested extensively.