My younger daughter absolutely loves toaster pastries. Although too sweet for breakfast and certainly not an ideal breakfast, I do allow her to enjoy one occasionally as a sweet dessert. Since the most popular brand of toaster pastries can cost more than three dollars for a box of twelve, I found an inexpensive alternative that is just as tasty and nutritionally comparable. Millville Frosted Chocolate Fudge Toaster Pastries cost less than two dollars a box and provide plenty of chocolate flavor.

Undoubtedly not the best choice when it comes to healthy eating, Millville Frosted Chocolate Fudge Toaster Tarts does provide some essential vitamins and nutrients that somewhat assuages my guilt in allowing my daughter to indulge herself. Each one pastry serving contains two hundred calories, five grams of Fat and seventeen grams of Sugar. On the positive side, there is ten percent of Vitamin A, two percent of Calcium, ten percent of Iron, ten percent of Thiamin, ten percent of Riboflavin, ten percent of Niacin, ten percent of Vitamin B6 and ten percent of Folate. Far from being as healthy and nutritionally sound as a piece of fruit or raw vegetables, when stacked up to a candy bar or the empty calories of bagged candy, Millville Frosted Chocolate Fudge Toaster Tarts edges out other sweet alternatives.

Millville Toaster Tarts can be eaten straight out of the box, or they can be warmed in a toaster oven for approximately one minute. This allows the chocolate to slightly melt, giving the added comfort of a warm snack. Paired with a glass of milk, this toaster pastry is a comforting treat that fills the stomach and satisfies the sweet tooth. There is an ample amount of chocolate both inside and on top of the toaster tart that my daughter finds truly delicious. Although packaged two to a wrapper, one toaster tart is sufficient for a tasty snack.

Millville Toaster Tarts are also available in Cherry and Vanilla Frosted Strawberry flavors. Millville is a food brand that is available exclusively at Aldi. Aldi guarantees the quality and satisfaction of this product. After trying Millville Chocolate Fudge Toaster Tarts and not being completely satisfied, you can have the product replaced as well as getting a full refund. I find the fact that Aldi stands behind their products so confidently to be not only refreshing, but it also assures me that I am getting a fresh and quality food product for less money. Millville Chocolate Fudge Toaster Tarts were certainly no exception. I have purchased this product several times and each time I had a sweet and tasty dessert to offer my toaster pastry loving daughter, while saving myself more than a dollar in comparison to the more popular and expensive brand.

If someone in your home simply can not resist a warm and sweet toaster pastry once in a while, give Millville Chocolate Toaster Tarts a try. They will be pleased with the rich chocolaty flavor and you will enjoy the savings. I give this product an overall four out of five stars.