As an affiliate marketer and program manager who makes a living online, I have to be very selective about which merchant programs I choose to work with. While for me personally, the very first factor is that the merchant provide a health/wellness or eco-friendly affiliate offering (that’s my particular niche), outside of this, I need to know that the offering will convert and generate affiliate revenue streams.

Yoga is just one of many verticals in the health and wellness industry – and a booming one at that. On the Web, yoga now provides profitable affiliate opportunities ranging from yoga equipment and clothing to online classes and certifications. In addition, you could also make money off of playing sports betting games on websites like

For online classes (and more recently, yoga certification courses), I give two thumbs up to Yoga Download. I personally started working with Yoga Download in 2013, and I’m here to tell you now there are several reasons you too should consider partnering with Yoga Download. In fact, I can think of at least 10 Reasons why you should sign up for the Yoga Download affiliate program.


1. Signup Bonus and Referrals

Yoga Download wants you to start benefiting from their generous 12% referral commission as soon as possible. To that end, within 30-days of joining the program,

  • earn $10 just for writing a 500-word review about Yoga Download.
  • Short on time? Place a banner on your site and earn $5 just like that.
  • Know a fellow blogger who should sign up too? Earn $5 for each referral and 20% on all of their future commissions. Add a text link like this => Join the YogaDownload affiliate program here

2. Massive Bonus Opportunities – $100 bonus for closing a $300-offer made in April! 

There is always a bonus opportunity at Yoga Download. Right now, they are offering a massive $100 bonus when you refer two online yoga certifications during the month of April. This amounts to over $400 in commission on certification referrals. And to make conversions even easier, they are offering a $300 voucher on certifications with the promo code ICanTeach (through April 30, 2016). An optimized landing page with dedicated banners like the one immediately below ensure your targeted traffic is optimized to convert.

Speaking of videos, nothing converts better than a moving/speaking image, and Yoga Download offers a large selection of affiliate-only class preview videos that can be used to upsell class downloads and memberships. At the time of this article, there are 70 videos available, with more being added every month.

Here is an example of an affiliate-only preview video that you can publish on your site often:

To Grab code for an affiliate video, click here to apply to the program. Once approved, sign into your account, VISIT THIS LINK, and select the VIDEOS tab.

5. The only Online Yoga Certification program with an affiliate program that pays influencers for every sale

I’ve looked high and low, and Yoga Download is the only online yoga certification affiliate offering that I know of. At 12% default commission, these in-demand certifications return a $190+ payout.

Become a Yoga Download affiliate now.

6. Ongoing Promotions offers you regular content (and coupons) to Publish on your blog
In the course of conversions, promotions and coupons play a vital role. Yoga Download knows this all too well, and offers ongoing promotions that convert, including sales on subscription memberships and individual class downloads, such as their best-selling “Yoga for Weight Loss” classes.

7. Established Affiliate Program (5+ years of experience) 

YogaDownload’s affiliate program exclusively went live with Shareasale in early 2011, and has been a thriving merchant in the network ever since. With dedicated program management by Green Affiliates, you will receive ongoing marketing support, and never will any of your questions or campaign proposals go unanswered. Additionally, an affiliate blog is maintained with tips, program announcements and Shareasale tutorials.

8. Digital Artwork – 100+ buttons and banners of all sizes for all occasions 

Need a banner to go on your sidebar or complement a post? Yoga Download has you covered. Not just a large selection of banner artwork in a wide range of sizes, Yoga Download offers a banner for every occasion and possible size. Last count there were approximately 100 banners available.

9. High Converting Digital Products – Makes your job as an affiliate much easier!

Whether you make a living at affiliate marketing or just starting out in affiliate marketing, a low-converting product serves no one! From the perspective of a professional affiliate marketer, the beauty of Yoga Download is that being a high quality, digital offering that cannot be found anywhere else, there are no “leaked” sales elsewhere.

10. Yoga is Awesome!

Can we just all agree there is everything to like about yoga!? Besides the fact that Yoga Download videos convert exceptionally well, you can feel good about promoting such a health-promoting and life empowering activity as that of yoga.

Now that you have at least 10 good reasons to partner up with Yoga Download, what are you waiting for!? Sign up here at the top-tier affiliate network, Shareasale.

And while you’re at it, join a class or invest in your health and fitness blogging business by becoming a certified yoga instructor for only $1,595! Use the $300 off promo code ICanTeach through April 31, 2016.


Become an active Yoga Download affiliate during the month of April and we’ll be selecting 30 bloggers to review their six-month membership subscription (a combined value of over $1,300!).

  1. Become an affiliate here.
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* Preference will go to influencers who genuinely believe in Yoga Download’s mission, products and services. Don’t just tell us on your application, show us! For example, I compiled a few easy to implement tips below.


  • Write your debut 500-word post (They’ll pay you $10 when you do).
  • Publish a Yoga Download banner anywhere on your blog and get an extra $5 just like that.
  • Share your affiliate link on social media
  • Sample tweet

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  • Sample Facebook comment

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  • Sample Instagram

  • Sample Google +

I’m taking the Yoga for weight loss class at Won’t you join me? #ad

  • Refer other health, fitness, wellness, beauty and lifestyle bloggers to Yoga Download, and you get $5 for each one you send under you! Send an email to all those healthy lifestyle bloggers to follow your lead at

* Never forget to add #ad and/or your FTC compliance disclosure.

Shareasale’s robust affiliate management system tracks ask your publicity efforts (after all, that’s how you get paid!) so you don’t have to report a single link. How cool is that!?

Ryan Jones is the affiliate program manager for Yoga Download, and the founder and director of Green Affiliate Programs Network – the Web’s first and largest directory of eco-friendly and health/wellness affiliate programs.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this easy to promote healthy lifestyle affiliate program. We’re eager to help you succeed – both in your life as a budding or expert yogi, and as a Yoga Download affiliate blogger! 😉