If you are on Instagram, you would have surely come to know that getting likes and followers on Instagram is not an easy task. But do you know that with a little effort, you can increase your Instagram likes and followers and that too without paying? Of course, we all know many websites sell Instagram likes and followers, but the problem with paid likes and followers is that they can betray you at any time.
So, you must have a genuine community that loves your content and engage with you. But the question arises how you can build such a community? Well, to solve that problem, today I am going to tell you three ways in which you can get free Instagram likes and followers:
⦁ Engage with the target audience
⦁ There are thousands of pages on Instagram that have the potential to grow, but the one mistake they all commit is – they don’t engage with their target audience.
⦁ The most effective way of engaging with your audience is to ask questions in the caption, which should be relatable.
⦁ The simple logic behind asking questions is that people love giving their opinions. They love talking to people of their kind. So there is a huge chance that they will engage with you.
⦁ Another thing you can do to get free likes for Instagram is to engage in their (audience’s) content. Like them, follow them, answer them.
⦁ This is the most effective trick people use to get free followers for Instagram.

⦁ Use a variety of hashtags
⦁ Instagram is all about hashtags. If you are not using them, then you are making a huge mistake.
⦁ To increase your reach, you need to use hashtags in every post.
⦁ But another very common mistake people do while using Instagram is that they use the same hashtags in every post. This is wrong and is never going to get you free Instagram likes or followers.
⦁ The best thing to do is to use a variety of hashtags for every post. Then it would be best if you analyze the insights of your page. Then, see what hashtags are working best for you.
⦁ You can also increase the reach of your Instagram posts by posting hashtags in the comment section rather than just posting them after the caption. This might sound weird, but this is a tried and tested way to increase Instagram likes and followers.

⦁ Content
⦁ The content has to be good, effective, and engaging. All the tricks mentioned above are useless if your content is not good.
⦁ Though your content solely depends on your capability and creativity, there are some things you should follow to make it even better.
⦁ The first thing you should do is analyze what daily tends are? For example, say you have a lifestyle page, you should know about the industry’s latest trends.
⦁ No matter which niche your page belongs to, you should be updated with the latest trends of that industry.
⦁ To make good content, you can also collaborate with other people having similar objectives as yours. For example, do giveaways in collaboration or any competition.
⦁ These are the most common yet most effective ways to get free Instagram likes and followers. Your content is the most important thing on your page, so make it the best of all.

So, these were a few tips and tricks that will surely help you reach your goals of getting free Instagram likes and followers. Though a little patience is needed to get results, these will surely help you reach a wider audience. Use these tricks for 15 days, and you will surely see the difference.