Everyone wishes to have an apartment that freshens, energizes and makes the mood delightful. Because the house which has a beautiful smell can bring happiness and a positive vibe. Here are the below-mentioned points on How to make your apartment smell good. Follow these points and see the remarkable results after applying them accordingly.

Get rid of stale and musty air

When you allow the musty air to get away, fresh and clean air can enter and make the aroma of the apartment, please. Allowing cross-breeze, switching on fans are also one kind of way to draw in the fresh air. Unfortunately, you can’t always open our doors and windows. But you can try this method to have a change in the quality of air.

Arrest the prisoners which cause a bad smell

Culprits like – Stale windowsills/corners, Leftovers, Soggy laundry, Mucky garbage disposal, Untidy upholstery, ignored oven, produce that gets ruined, neglected trash cans, Sink fixtures, Smelly areas where pets sleep.
They are for sure time consuming, but it’s better to tackle the source than to leave it like that. You can handle it by using – Chemical cleaner, Baking soda/borax/baby powder can be used for cleaning carpet, Neutralising spray for removing the odour of animals/pets, a Litter box can be cleaned by using baking soda, Bleach/vinegar for cleaning trash cans, Tea tree oil for cleaning windowsills or mildew areas

Strong and fragrant items to be used

To remove bad smell, incense sticks, air sprays, plug-ins can be used. They are not only strong but also provide fragrances that can make the house lovely. More and more fragrances will eventually make your home a potpourri factory. It is also advisable not to use these fragrances inside the kitchen. Some fragrances sometimes don’t act the way they are supposed to, and instead, they create a bad smell.

Food items with no onion or garlic

Onions are known to make the smell of the food bad. Also, greasy items like bacon, garlic are a must to stay away from. Sautéing cinnamon sticks, fresh rosemary is a good way to bring in a great smell. You can also try baking bread, cookies and mulling wine for the same.

Copiously applying home/store-made fresheners

Sprinkling homemade or store-synthesize can make the smell of the rug good. For example, you can sprinkle Baby powder for the light-coloured rug and then vacuum it entirely for long-lasting effect for people who don’t have fresheners but want to try something new. But don’t use baby powder in case of dark coloured rugs.

Air purifying plants

Last but not least, plants aren’t used to make the surroundings look good, but using plants like Neem, Sheesham, Arjan, queen plant, etc., the air around us can get purely cleaned. In addition, you can use palm trees, orchids, and lilies. They are of different types. One of the best air purifiers is the snake plant, as it is known to clean the environment by providing fresh oxygen.


These are few techniques in which you can make your apartment smell good. These can be by essential oils, air purifiers, sprays, cotton balls, etc. one should follow these things in their homes and a wonderful scent and a refreshing and positive feeling.