Girls look for lifelong commitment and love, and when they find one, it is quite hard for them to get over it. A girl can fall in love with a man, and she expects the man to love her back unconditionally. However, the man doesn’t need to be in love with her. But it is always possible to make someone fall in love with you and to make this happen we have bought forward some useful tips which can be used to make the love of your life fall in love with you.


The biggest weapon any girl possesses is her smile, so she should use it and smile often. This small smile makes you the most beautiful person on the earth, and it also seems to the other man that you are approachable and in talking terms with the other person. Smiling at the time of eye contact is the best way of communicating your feelings to a man because a girl smile says it all, which her words cannot say.

Show your best side

Never change yourself to impress others or get them for life, because of this way you are deceiving yourself and the other person as well. Instead, try and show your man the positive things within you which can attract him towards you. For example, make efforts to look beautiful; make sure that your face and mouth looks appealing. Also, put on good clothes and dresses such that he gets impressed with the way you present yourself.

Maintain the mystery

Let your man think, it is not important to tell each and everything about yourself. Let him work on it to find who and what you are. Don’t tell him everything on your own; let him raise questions and then answer them accordingly; keep your answers to the point such that he does not know about you immediately. Let him strive hard to get your contact information or to reach out to your social networking site. If he sends you a friend request, wait for some time before you accept it, as, during this waiting time, he would be thinking about you and would be confused because you will accept or reject the friend request.

Let him crave

Make sure that you leave situations on situations when he craves more to talk to you. Like chatting for long hours and keeping the phone on getting bored will not make him feel excited about his next talks; instead, leave the interaction in between such that he remains all the more excited to you to talk the next time. Also, I was hoping you wouldn’t make yourself available for him always; he may take you for granted, which I am sure one would never like to feel.

Do something for him

Convey the fact that you notice him doing things, and in return, you are also available for him to help him in certain situations. However, keep the gesture small, as being over-generous would embarrass him. Instead, say you can spend time with him when he is getting bored or feeling low and this way he would be pleased with your behaviour towards him.
Thus, a girl can follow these tips to make a man fall in love with her, such that they can be with each other and love each other always.