Glenlaurel Inn is located in Rockbridge, Ohio about fifty miles south of Columbus. Set in the exquisite Hocking Hills Glenlaurel offers a luxurious retreat. Glenlaurel is a Scottish Inn with numerous cabins on over 140 acres. While enjoying fantastic hot tubs, and to die for meals ranging from 5 to 7 course . You can seriously relax at Glenlaurel Inn . This is one of the few untouched parts of the world.

You will experience 5 star luxury in the real Hocking Hills. while staying at Glenlaurel Inn you can view a variety of local wildlife including a hawk, vultures, canadian geese, deer, skunk, owls and if you are lucky you might run across a few box turtles.

The Glenlaurel Inn offers a private hiking trail known as Camusfearna Gorge. This is a made up name and the woods were actually called Anderson Woods originally. This is a great way to experience the beauty of the Hocking Hills with out the crowds of people you would encounter at the caves. On this hike in the fall you will see large pink fall mushrooms that are very beautiful.

This is a pristine area unlike any where else in the world. There has been very little development in this area. Some people find it amazing that there is so little real estate in this area on the market. over 90 % of the land in the Glenlaurel Inn area is owned by one of two families. These two families, The Anderson’s and The Ogles have lived out here for maybe a hundred years or longer. This has been a contributing factor in the preserved beauty of the area.

The serious hill you must drive up to reach Glenlaurel Inn was built by Mr Ross Anderson Sr. I learned this by speaking with a young lady who lives ” next door ” to Glenlaurel Inn. She told me her great grandfather constructed the road with two mules and several sticks of dynamite. This road was named Anderson Road but is now known as Mt. Olive Rd.

Glenlaurel Inn has a lovely spot for relaxing by a camp fire. You will enjoy a scenic view with absolute peace. You might hear the coyotes in the distant at night. Or you might see a young couple walking between 4 and 6 dogs in the distance on the country road.

It is refreshing to see the country like this. Glenlaurel Inn is what the Hocking Hills is all about: Luxury, the beauty of nature and relaxation.
If you are staying on a Saturday night prior to dinner you will enjoy bag pipe music. This certainly adds something to your stay. Glenlaurel Inn is one of the most lovely spots in the Hocking Hills .