A space version of strategy gaming, the PC game Siege of Centauri is developed specifically for the space buffs. So if you stay up at night wondering about alien invasions, well, this game is for you.
Alien machines are preparing for invading the first Interstellar colony of Earth in space, and it is your job to defend it. In your pursuit of saving the space colony from brutal alien invaders, you embark on an unforgettable gaming journey.
Many features make this game a must-play, but the most important among them is the story’s premise. After all, who doesn’t like to become a saviour, that too, in space. So hit off for the hard-knuckled tricks to master the game and shoot off to success quick!

Customize Your Spaceship To Handle The Missions Better

You are sent to save the colony from the invaders on your spaceship named Carpathia. You are allowed to make changes to your spaceship and customize it to make it more useful in assisting you in completing the missions. Each of the individual missions will require you to be as stealthy as possible to ensure the brutal invaders do not catch you.
The colony of humans in space has turned into a land occupied by aliens who despise humans and scale to any extent to defeat you. So before you download Siege of Centauri, make sure you are ready for some intense space action.

Climb Higher On The Leaderboard With Your Defense Strategies

By employing a host of defence strategies, you can climb up the leaderboard and outsmart the other players in the huge community.
Play the endless mode and wade off unrelenting waves of alien attack to progress in the game and become the top player. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the free Siege of Centauri version and cash into the engaging space rescue operation.

Get That Reigns Tighter With Master Tricks

The gameplay is certainly challenging, and needs practise and a quick eye to climb up higher. Here are some of the most approached tricks that the ace players have adopted that you can also try out:

  • Frigates, Cruisers, air units or Dreadnoughts, enemies are looming from all around. Before you start the league, have a good knowledge of their attacks and powers to act correctly.
  • Aim for the weapon upgrades like the shotgun, chain lightning or artillery posts. Ultimately the weapon bank is your shield to survive.
  • Secure your colony from invasions. The more rigid are your boundaries, the more you get to attack the intruders well.
  • The major part of the defence is in towers. Secure and aim to tighten the units around it.
  • Don’t forget to look out for the falling star; it crushes the whole defence in a blast.

The game is continuously progressing in the new patches and updates since its release in 2019. All the versions are recommended to be played on Windows 64 bit operating system. The game is downloadable, thus demands storage space for the files. So hurry up and get your version to hit the scores in style!