Summer is in full swing and if you’re lucky to have some time off and travel the world as a blogger/influencer – then you probably have some go-to travel apps that make your adventure a smooth one. Gone are the times where you need to carry a heavy travel guidebook to assist you on your journey. Download these apps and your phone can serve as a real-time light-weight resource.

Editor’s Note: Make sure to check out my last post, 7 Key Accessories for the Travelling Blogger. Some of the accessories were extra USB cords, a battery pack and travel adapter to make sure your phone is 100% all the time (well, most of the time).

To follow in suit, today I’ll be sharing 7 key apps for the travelling blogger.



One of the most annoying things about travel is having to pay for WiFi. If you are already paying a small fortune for your accommodation – why should you then fork over $15 plus per day, so you can send a few emails and keep your social channels up to date? I always make sure wherever I stay have free WiFi and the connection is decent. Download the app before travelling to find those necessary hot spots without needing a connection.


How do you communicate overseas without coming home to large phone bill? Both WeChat and WhatsApp use your phone’s Internet connection instead of your cell’s voice minutes and data plan. Send photos, videos and have group chats with ease. As an aside, if you are shopper, you can find stores overseas that sell designer inspired goods off of WeChat.


Sometimes it’s just easier having someone who can speak the language around. Yet, when you are travelling on your own, you rely on the kindness of strangers (hopefully, not the prey of strangers) to help translate a foreign language. I love the ability to take a photo of the sign and then translate it. The type form is an easy way to get your ideas across as well.



Bless the Google Satellite system, I appreciate the ability that Google maps can estimate the time difference between transit options, which is so helpful when you have back to back meetings in a city and how I personally organize going from A to B. The drop pin feature is a plus, especially when you are lost in a non English-speaking city with hard-to-navigate meandering streets and no street signs.


No matter what airline you choose to fly the friendly skies with, downloading the corresponding app can be quite helpful. Save the paper and forget about printing boarding passes, it’s also great when dealing with things like delays, connections and check-ins.

Two weeks ago, I was in NY and the airline app informed me of the plane delay, well before departure board at the airport was updated. If you check in with the app before you are supposed to head to airport, you might have more time enjoying the city or spending time with a new crush.

Airlines like United, Air Canada, Delta, American, Lufthansa, West Jet, Alaska, Southwest, Air Transat, Jet Blue, KLM, Air France, Swiss, Cathay, Emirates, Austrian, Korean all have apps that supply a wealth of information along with frequent flyer mileage so you can keep track of your next free trip.



The weather unfortunately, is something beyond your control. And thanks to global warming, its sporadic nature can definitely put a damper on well-made plans. This weather app is updated hourly and can keep you informed on changing forecasts to assist you in your planning process.


For those of you who can’t do math in your head (like me), this one is great to calculate if your recent Tuk Tuk ride was a steal – or were you being taking for a ride (literally)? You can add 10 different currencies to cross- reference the exchange and the real-time updates keeps you in the loop day to day. There is a rate alert and adviser to help track trends.

There are of course, some great apps that are already installed on your phone to mention as well…

I love the notepad to take simple notes. In fact, I wrote most of my novella on the notebook app while I would be on transit. I would then email myself the written work and piece it together. Another alternative to taking notes, is taking a photo of the information with your camera. I find the world clock section of the clock quite helpful when travelling as a reminder of the time zone difference. The alarm clock is essential for any quintessential busy bee that needs to stay on track.