Why Do We Blog?

There are 6.7 million bloggers on blogging platforms and 12 million who blog via social media. Majority of them are women, 53% between 21 and 35 years, and 77% of Internet users read blogs, spending one quarter of their online time on blogs and social media. Blogs are becoming indistinguishable from other channels and are now an unbreakable part of the online media.

The Blogconomy infographic

The Blogconomy infographic

Since you are here, reading a post on Blogger Babes, you are probably either blogging or thinking about running a blog in the near future (read what to blog about). If that’s so, have you asked yourself why do you want to blog, what is your purpose, what makes you want to write and share your knowledge and opinions with others, or why have you chosen that voice in particular? Is there some psychological groundwork behind all that? Let’s do some blogging on the brain…

Blogging Inspires Our Creativity

Remember the post What Should You Blog About, searching for your true passions and talents (your “element”) and turning it into a career? If you had a chance to read the book you’ve seen how Sir Ken Robinson looks at creativity in a different way – it’s not how creative you are, but how are you creative? Same as it’s not how intelligent you are, but how are you intelligent? Watch the amazing video below for more insights:

Blogging is a great expression channel for anyone exploring her/his creativity. You can write just about anything, expand your knowledge as you research, learn new things, share your interests, meet new people who have the same passions… The media doesn’t differ much from other writing (like in a journal), except for its potential reach since you are sharing this with the world.

You can blog about your new-found creativity, include creative aspects of your “noncreative” work, or even write about creativity in general, like in Creative Something.

Blogging to Be Social

Social media is huge these days, as these signals – likes, mentions and shares, – are widely accepted as true indicators of a blogger, site or company brand and popularity among real consumers. Google loves them, and so do we. And many bloggers have started blogging by trying to communicate with others, build relationships, relate, compare, or just hang out online. They are absolutely everywhere – on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Google+, – sharing content and extending their personal and professional connections.

To Discover Our Identities

Some bloggers have a personal need for other people to hear them. They may be doing it to feel important, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you blog about a topic you love and enjoy researching (we get back to “the element“ again), you most certainly have lots of knowledge, ideas and experience to share that other people would find valuable in their own lives, personally or professionally. The more people can connect to your stories and improve from them, the greater the popularity of your blog. So it’s good that others can hear (read) your voice.

Image credit: PaperMonster

Image credit: PaperMonster

But while at the identity, it’s very important to note that every blogger must be completely aware of all consequences that can potentially happen as a result of what they’ve publicly shared. We are not always proud of the things we’ve said or done in the past, and the chances are we won’t be proud of everything we do now few years after. And though we choose to ignore it, the fact is that what was posted on the Internet stays there for good. Even if we delete it, it’s probably too late if a damage was done, since people have already downloaded it, and you’ve lost all control over the content, as well as your reputation.

Be responsible and think of all the potential outcomes of your statements. Don’t take your identity for granted and assume that your pseudonym will protect you. If someone wants to find information on you, it can easily be connected to your real name. Just think where else do you use the same pseudonym online, or what personal details have you revealed in your blog content that can help others find out who you “really” are.

Blogging for Business

Some bloggers may have started blogging for fun or other reasons not related to a financial gain, but in time have found ways to turn it into a business and make the game profitable. They are the luckiest – they do what they love and make a living out of it.

Also, many professionals see blogging as very beneficial for expanding their reach and promoting their personal brands. Their blogs are not their primary source of income, just a way to connect with more people and market their products or services.

Blogging is an amazing way for people to exchange thoughts and ideas, but as mentioned above, you need to be responsible because the implications increase together with your audience.

Why do you blog? Tell us in the comments…


  1. Coffeebookmom says

    Looking at the 1st picture you posted, I’d say I’m the Hobbyist type. I blog because I just love doing it. I love writing and sharing what’s on my mind and heart. I blog because I find happiness in it :)

  2. Marielle P. says

    When I was in college, I started writing on my journal. I wasn’t into computers at that time. But when I started working and learned about Internet and all that jazz, I decided to transfer the contents of my journal to my blog. It was a wonderful idea. I get to read my past experiences with just one click of the mouse. I no longer have to look for a particular page on my journal or memorize a date written there. The wonders of Internet is what made me love blogging even more.

  3. Jenni Clarence says

    If for others, blogging is a way to find extra income or money, I consider myself a carefree type of lady who blog because I want to express what I feel. Yes, blogging for me is a freedom of expression. It makes me feel comfortable and at ease to talk to myself and to my friends and even to strangers. It is my way of letting out what’s inside my head.

  4. kendra says

    Great post, great analogy! Sometimes, it is easy to identify the blogger’s interests by reading their blog posts. I would have to agree that most of the blogs I read lately are more professionally done, so I thought they were bloggers for business. My friends, however, blog everything and anything under the sun, simply for pure pleasure of writing. While I still have to identify my own character, seeing that I haven’t started a blog yet. But I know I will soon be blogging and I’d like it to appear polished and easy-to-read at the same time. I guess I just need the right inspiration and motivation to proceed with this blogging endeavor.

  5. lorelei says

    Hmm.. I haven’t really thought about the reason why I am going to start a blog, although I am planning to sign-up for blogger. Maybe initially because I just want to write about my musings and stuffs? I guess that’s it.

  6. Rhianne says

    There are times when I have stopped to ask myself why I blog and continue to do so even though I am having a hard time scheduling my posts.

    Early on, my initial motivation for blogging was to see if people might be interested in what I had to say. When I found out that people are reading my posts and are interested, that’s when my other motivation developed – to gain new and more friends around the world wide web.

  7. shauna says

    I do blogging because that’s one of the ways I found that can help myself financially and personally. When I blog, I think of the people benefiting from my posts and I think of my bosses who would be happy to see more readers on their sites.

  8. says

    Sir Ken Robinson’s speech on TED is really game-changing, in my opinion. Another great one is Brene Brown’s speech on vulnerability.

    Loved your point about identity – I actually think that could be one of the biggest reasons for blogging for a lot of people, and I think myself.

    I also just love to share and help. It’s so exciting when someone says they implemented one of my tips about speaking to grow their business, and it worked!
    Marin recently posted…Want more speaking engagements? Do this when asking for a speaking referralMy Profile

    • Heidi says

      I could not agree with you more Marin. I love it when I read your comments of how helpful our posts here at Blogger Babes are :)

  9. says

    I blog because I want to share my views or opinions on the books that I have read. I want to tell my readers which is the best book to read after Hunger Games, because not everything is about Katniss Everdeen or even Bella Swan/Cullen. Yep, there are still other better books than Twilight. That’s why I blog about them. I blog – for fun and enjoyment and critics. :)
    Arianne recently posted…Confessions of a Zombie Slayer: A Daisy Daniels NovelMy Profile

  10. Claire says

    I write to express, not to impress. That has always been my motto in blogging. I blog about my experiences and my emotions, But I do not do it just because I want the pity or attention. I just want to share what I feel and know.

  11. says

    I think we all blog to satisfy the innate desire to share. We are so hopelessly dependent upon the presence and existence of other humans. Think about this: when a murderer misbehaves in prison what do they do? They separate him from the other murderers and rapists and thieves and put him in solitary confinement. We need each other so bad, the worst thing you can do to someone is put them in time out – away from others.

    That being said, personally I want to connect with other people who have noticed things about music that I have; that the lyrics in popular music have become derivative, mindless and skin deep. There once was a time when insight, originality and depth was prized…now it’s a competition of who can regurgitate the next club hit that people will get drunk to, bang strangers to and keep us from doing that dangerous thing called thinking. We, as artists and singers could be raising awareness about sex slavery, cancer, corporate greed, hunger…but no, reality is no fun, let’s all drink up, because life is just a big party.

    I wouldn’t rant as hard if at least some part of the popular music machine was dedicated to the more somber side of the human existence, but no….every day is friday…..so I rant about this shittiness in my blog, appropriately titled “The Lyric Snob”.


    • Heidi says

      I must agree with you Dylan. Particularly on the low quality music part… sadly…
      Still, it’s great that there’s someone like you to point out to this issue. Keep up the good work :)

  12. says

    I just noticed that I have been nodding my head while reading this article. I would have to agree with all the above-mentioned reasons why we blog. Blogging indeed inspires me to be more creative with my posts, and I do blogs that I can share socially through Twitter/Facebook. I also blog to discover more about myself and my capacities. But the last one, blogging for business, doesn’t apply to me yet. But I think I am getting there. Thanks for the added info on this post. I love it.

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