Stop Making These 5 Title Mistakes!

Statistics say that on average out of 10 people 8 will read the title of your blog post, but only 2 will read the whole content. That’s how important titles are – they determine the success of the entire piece, whether it’ll be read and spread like a virus through the web, or languish in your archives, barely noticed.

The title is potentially the most powerful element of your blog post because most of your readers will decide whether to click and read the rest of your writing based on these words. To make sure you’re doing it right see if any of the following common mistakes applies to you:

Christmas Ornaments for Geeks

Christmas Ornaments for Geeks

Your Topic Is Not Your Title.

The topic you want to cover in your blog post isn’t the same as your title. You may be writing about Christmas home decorations, but that’s not a very compelling title, don’t you think. Instead, go with something like:

  • Ten DIY Holiday and Christmas Decorations, or
  • 6 Christmas Ornaments for Geeks (and How to Make Your Own).

Be Clear, Not Clever.

Some bloggers and online marketers tend to get too clever with their titles, which in the end only pushes potential readers away from their sites to reading something else. A good title must be very clear about what readers will get from the post, so instead of being clever go with a simple and clear title that also includes your keywords to help your SEO.

Keep The Titles Shorter.

It’s true that you can sell your posts to readers a lot easier if you write longer titles, but on the other hand, lengthy headlines are not only more confusing and harder to comprehend, but they also won’t be visible in full in search results, and will probably have lower tweet rates because of the character limitations. To avoid the disadvantages keep them to the maximum of 71 characters, or about 10 to 12 words.

Think About The Benefits.

When creating your title think about the benefits the reader will get from reading your blog post. If you were “googling” online marketing tips the chances are you would much more click a title like “3 Marketing Tricks from a Casino”, than one that says “My Last Business Trip to Las Vegas”. Don’t you think? Focus on what the readers need and deliver that.

Click the link to find great tools to help you generate blog post ideas.

Do Not Overpromise.

You never want to overpromise. You’ll lose more than you’ll ever gain.

For the sake of experimenting, let’s say that you desperately need traffic on your blog, so you decide to publish a post with a title that says: “All Gardening Tips You’ll EVER Need”. And it works – a reader clicks the link but gets disappointed seeing only five tips that every gardener already knows. This visitor will probably never come back.

Look at the title you wrote and ask yourself what would you expect from that blog post, and will it match these expectations. If the answers don’t satisfy you write a new title or improve the content.

Over to you… Got any tips for writing great blog post titles?


  1. kelly says

    I’m actually one of those who weigh in a whole article by simply looking at the title. If the title doesn’t catch my attention, chances are, I might not end up reading the whole content.

  2. Krishna says

    guilty on all charges! sheesh… i didn’t know these mistakes were exactly what I had done on my former blog. I used to write long blog titles, sometimes I tend to put the whole topic on the title itself. Now I learned my lesson.

  3. Taylor says

    I used to promise A LOT when I do blog posts. Sometimes I get comments that what i wrote in the title doesn’t coincide with my blog post, hence they thought I am just misleading them or promising them something that I am not able to deliver.

  4. Janna Torres says

    Thank you for sharing these Info, Miss Heidi. I certainly need these since I am thinking of writing a blog soon!

  5. 'ursula' says

    this article is very informative. Thank you Miss Heidi, I just realized I have committed most of the mistakes here on my blog. No wonder it didn’t stay long enough.

  6. Naomi says

    IN my case, the title is always the last I write on my blog. When I have already summed up and double-checked and realize what was the over-all topic, that is when I write down the title.

  7. Sara Lee says

    great article, these are really valuable info. I will take note of this to avoid doing the same mistakes again with my blogs.

  8. says

    in my case, however, I have used a standard title for my blog, which is mainly for book reviews, so basically, the title of my blog post is usually the title of the book I am reviewing. A little easy feat for me, don’t you think?
    Arianne recently posted…Searching For UtopiaMy Profile

  9. Rhyanna Adamson says

    “Your Topic Is Not Your Title.”

    This is admittedly my number 1 mistake. I have always incorporated my blog post by putting the topic on the title itself. And I always think of the title first before the plot. Big mistake, because when I am finally writing the body of my post, my hands are often misguided and seemed to have a mind of their own and write whatever it is that does not really relate to the title. Thanks for saving me from this blog myths, Heidi.

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