Knowing Your Blog Niche Better Helps Improve Your Authority

Are you completely sure that you know everything about the niche you blog in? Yes, you may be blogging for quite a long time or have previous working experience in the industry, but if you don’t follow the latest news and updates, you’ve probably missed a lot. The thing is, the better you know your niche – the audience, their needs, the language and techniques in content creation, – the greater your authority as a blogger, and we talked about how important blog authority is to search engines in the post on Social Media and SEO.


Here’s what you can do to improve your knowledge of the niche your blog covers:

Know the sites that accept guest posts.

Read Why You Need to Guest Blog? It opens amazing new opportunities and helps building firm relationships with fellow bloggers. Do a Google search but LEARN the top websites that accept guest posts in your niche, and get familiar with their rules and guidelines, the style and approach used in their most read articles, how they are tailored. Go further and see if you can get yourself a guest post there too; in which case, you may need these tips.

Skip keyword generators. Learn what your readers search for.

It’s true that we don’t always have enough time to do all the work our blog(s) require(s), and that’s most often the reason why bloggers are trying to automatize as much of their work as they can. But as with everything in life, it takes more persistence and effort to achieve greater success. If we want to truly get to know our niche we must learn the keywords our readers use the most, analyze the top searched long tail keywords and apply what works best for our blogs, understand our audience (current and potential) unique lingo…, instead of just relying on keyword generators. If you get good at this you can write blog and guest posts much faster as well as improve your on-page SEO.

Understand what your audience needs.

You write for your readers, to answer their needs. If you don’t know them, how will you be able to provide content that they look for? You must understand your users profiles, their personalities, their wants and needs, what they enjoy reading on your blog, what type of posts do they like the most, is it lists, infographics, posts with images, what kind of images … You can get lots of information just by analyzing your blog’s statistics. Once you get to know your audience better you can provide exactly the content they search for and in a way they’ll enjoy the most.

Analyze your audience. (Image credit:

Analyze your audience. (Image credit:

Know the tone and style used in your niche.

All bloggers have their own unique style and voice that their readers recognize them by. We all have different reasons for blogging, if not else, even if we cover the same niche. But also, the readers in different industries have different expectations for the tone, voice and style that should be used when writing for them. You can’t have the same approach irrespective of the person who is reading the post, whether it is someone in the making money niche or a person interested in developing a healthy lifestyle. The first one will probably think you are ignorant, and the second that you are boring, or trying to sound too smart. Know and analyze the tone in which most bloggers in your niche write, and based on the best examples try to develop your own.

Connect with key players to affirm yourself as an authority.

You can’t be an expert in your niche if you don’t know who are the leaders and key players with greatest influence within the industry. It’s simply not acceptable. Research and follow their blogs, learn from their comments and try to build strong connections, because this is where the buzz is happening, and if you use the opportunities wisely, you can go a long way establishing yourself as an authority.

How about you? Are you sure you know everything there is to know in your niche, or you think there are always ways to improve. Drop a comment below.


  1. says

    one reason why people blog is because they have a particular niche that they want to share and improve on. I like reading blogs whose posts are inter-related to each other and not jumping from one topic to another.
    Margaret recently posted…shadowsMy Profile

  2. Kareen says

    I don’t have everything nor know every little detail when it comes to niche blogging. So I am thankful to your article, Heidi because you have successfully narrowed down whatever I need to learn about niche. I am particularly drawn to comic strips and drawings (since I love drawing characters on paper) and right now, I’m filing my portfolio, collecting all the previous drawings and comic strips I’ve done, and I will make sure to follow your leads when I finally start my own comic-strip blog.

  3. says

    I’m glad I finally found my niche. Long before, about 5 years ago, I don’t have any particular niche on my blog. I just wrote anything I can think of. But as the years passed by and I learned about keywords and SEO and the like, I veered to one particular topic that I was really interested in and that’s reviewing books. So now I can say that my blog is now united and has its niche.
    Arianne recently posted…Confessions of a Zombie Slayer: A Daisy Daniels NovelMy Profile

  4. Nicky Anne Paris says

    I don’t have any particular niche in mind, but I am open to ideas from my readers and other bloggers. Maybe guest blogging would help me too. Thank you for sharing this info. I would really love to delve to one niche instead of assorted ones on my blog.

  5. Anne says

    I am having difficulty with keeping the tone on my blog. Sometimes I veer off to another topic when I can no longer think of what to post.

  6. Jennifer says

    I have been going crazy (really!) for trying to figure out what niche I would fit in. The problem is I don’t think I could “fit in” anywhere!

  7. Naomi Stokes says

    This is what I have learned from searching on the web regarding niche blogging.
    “You are your niche.”

  8. Aaliyah Jane says

    I admit I do not know everything about niche, much less, blogging. That’s why I am thankful for sites like this because you help us how to become better and successful bloggers in the future.

  9. Deborah S. says

    I’ve steered clear of keyword generators lately. It doesn’t matter how many keywords I insert on my blog. What matters is what my readers constantly search and what’s actually the “controversial” or much talked-about topic lately (read: Trending) that’s what matters.

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