How Important Is Responsive Blog Design?

First, let’s clear out what is responsive design. It is simply a web design that adjusts to whatever size screen the site is being displayed on – desktop, tablet, and smartphone browsers. If you need to zoom, enlarge, shrink and scroll to be able to see the text and click on things on a site when opened on mobile, that isn’t a responsive web design (RWD). Responsive websites look and function good no matter if you read them on phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computers.

With the rapid increase in the use of smartphones, mobile sales already taking over desktop sales with predictions to surpass desktop internet usage too by the end of 2014, having a mobile-friendly blog is becoming essential. According to data from StatCounter, mobile devices now drive almost 20% of all global Internet traffic. Check out these stats also:

Image source:

Image source:

  • 90% of people use multiple device screens sequentially.
  • 67% of users are more likely to make a purchase with a smartphone on a mobile-friendly site than on a non-mobile optimized site.
  • In a study of 5,388 smartphone and tablet users 48% complained that websites were not optimized for mobile devices.

Large part of this data is business related, but the trends are more than obvious and applicable to bloggers too, particularly for those trying to earn a living with their blogs at the same time. So here are three reasons why you should opt for a responsive blog design:

Google Recommends It

According to comScore in July this year, 68.6% of the searches carried organic search results from Google. Since Google dominates the search market they are the ones that set the rules for us bloggers to follow. And responsive web design is Google’s recommended configuration for all sites because:
– there’s a single URL which makes it easier for its algorithms to assign the indexing properties to the content, and
– users can easier share and interact with content that exists on one site only than with content on individual desktop and mobile sites.


Responsive Web Design – Michela Chiucini, web and graphic designer

Responsive design not only saves both yours and Google’s resources, but also improves the user experience of your blog readers, which now as a ranking factor is becoming essential to take into account with regards to SEO.

One Website Fits Many Devices and Screen Sizes

In 2010 the average number of screen resolutions was 97. In 2013 it is 232. And considering the latest trends this number will keep growing. Since it is virtually impossible to predict what device and screen size someone will use to access your blog the most logical solution, now that it actually exists, is starting or switching to a responsive theme.

Fluffy cookies topped with vanilla frosting from Pinch of Yum

Fluffy cookies topped with vanilla frosting from Pinch of Yum

This will also provide a better and more consistent user experience (UX). Imagine you’ve just found an amazing cake recipe while searching for holiday inspiration at home on your laptop, and when you go in the store to buy the ingredients you need to search again for a mobile version of the blog and look for the recipe because there are separate URLs. That can be frustrating.

Responsive Is Easier to Manage

It’s far easier to manage one website and worry about its SEO than to have to do the same for a separate mobile site also. And that is another great advantage of the responsive web design. You can still have another mobile-specific SEO campaign but then you will be able to optimize for keywords that are likely to be searched by your blog’s target readers on a smartphone.

Back to you…

What do you think? Are these enough reasons for you to consider a responsive design for your blog in 2014? Let us know in the comments!


  1. angelique says

    I don’t know if my blog platform has the capability to be design-responsive on smartphones and tablets. BUt that is indeed a great way for users to have better access to blogs.

  2. belinda says

    2013 had been a bombastic year for smartphones and tablets. I see a lot of people using them now more than ever. It is indeed advisable to blog users to make sure that their blogs have mobile versions for better accessibility.

  3. Arianne says

    I’m glad Blogger is an easily adaptable platform. I have accessed my blog on my smartphone and luckily, my phone has the option to view sites on a mobile version or desktop version. So I was able to read my reviews on my blog with better quality and easy reading because it had a responsive design.

  4. shanice says

    It is very important for blogs to easily adapt to the environment they are being setup. I think an adaptable or responsive design is a great way for readers to access blogs on smartphones.

  5. Lovella says

    For the past two years, I have been a witness to how SmartPhones and Tablets became the “IT” thing among crowds. These gadgets have changed the approach toward design and user experience. It is very important then for blogs to have responsive design to enable a more user-friendly approach and invite more traffic.

  6. aaliyah jane says

    everywhere I go, I always see people seem to be narrowing their eyes or moving their fingers excessively while holding their smartphones. It would really help if the sites they access on their mobiles will automatically adapt to the right screen resolution so they won’t have a hard time reading.

  7. janina says

    Technology has taken over the world, really. More and more people are engaged in Internet Mobile and as far as I can see, everyone else seems to be caught up in their own worlds while mobile surfing.

  8. ericha may says

    well, those are great insights and reasons enough to make our blogs easily readable and adaptable to mobile gadgets with Internet. Kudos for an interesting article, Heidi!

  9. Claire says

    it’s fascinating to see that technology has evolved so much for the last few years. I think, maybe 10 years ago, I would be struggling to find means on how to browse the Internet using other devices apart from the computer. Now there’s a wide range to choose and Internet has been made easy because it can be accessed anytime, anywhere and anyhow!

  10. Taylor says

    responsive blog design is indeed important these days, especially now that most people prefer reading or accessing the Internet via smartphones or mobile devices.

  11. gayle says

    Whenever I see people holding their iPads or tablets, most of them would either excessively scroll down to get to the page they like by squinting their eyes. While others usually tap their screens to make it appear larger. It is then very important that blogs would be responsive to these gadgets in terms of sizing and accessibility so people won’t have a hard time reading blogs.

  12. michelle says

    the emergence of iPads and other smartphones / android tables had taken the world by storm. It is but beneficial to keep up with time. what better way to keep people updated on your blog by accessing it through their gadgets and make sure it is easy to read and can be adjusted autmatically to suit one’s reading pleasure.

  13. Johna541 says

    I really like your writing style, fantastic information, thanks for putting up gkecfbgccebk

  14. Shania Fox says

    A responsive blog design is a must, especially when the blog can be accessed on Android Tablets, smartphones, or iPads. It is important that people like me who can’t clearly see small fonts, would be able to read blogs that are legible and responsive when the gadget used is turned clockwise, counter or upside down.


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