How to Handle Negative Blog Comments the Right Way

All bloggers’ goal is to bring and engage more readers with their content, whether it be their own personal opinions and views, experience or news related to the chosen niche. But a successful blog is not only about more visits and regular readers – it’s also about generating activity around the created blog posts in forms of clicks, shares and comments. While it can be pleasing and rewarding to learn that your writings are good and that many people are drawn to your perspectives and engaged with your content, it can still happen to every blogger to get a feedback that may not be that satisfying.

What are the Most Common Types of Negative Comments?

  • Content stabs that directly attack your credibility as a blogger.
  • Spam comments which include inappropriate links, profanity and/or cursing.
  • Corrections of mentioned facts and statistics and comments that refer to spelling and/or grammar errors.

Should You Delete a Negative Comment Under a Blog Post?

It is totally up to you to decide whether you want to leave and address an unpleasant comment below a blog post or you want it deleted. While most expert bloggers and social media “gurus” will advise you to never delete a comment (unless it is spam, where some WP plugins can help), the frustration of receiving such a feedback is completely understandable, particularly for beginner bloggers.

When a person says something negative about our blog posts our initial reaction is to “clean that stain” to never see it again. We even forget that we should be happy that someone read our content and felt they have something to share with us. But what if we remove that comment – will that person notice that and tell others too? Honesty and transparency are crucial when building trust in relationships, and same applies to blogging and online networking also. Don’t you agree?

So How Should Bloggers Deal With Negative Comments?

The first thing you should do is find out who is the commenter and where does this feedback come from – is it from a competitor, an irritated fellow blogger, or from someone trying to discredit your work and blog. Maybe it’s a spammer or another subject matter expert who’s just trying to help you correct a mistake. Understanding the person and her/his motives behind the negative comment will help you address it better and frame your later response.

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At a minimum, try to do the following:

#1 Read and review your blog post with the commenter’s perspective in mind to see if the comment makes sense. If it does, let this person know that you understand her/him and respect their individual opinion even if you don’t necessarily agree with it. Do your best to appear diplomatic in your response, rather than argumentative.

#2 If the commenter is correcting your facts and figures make sure to check and cite your sources and let them know where you’re getting your information to cover your bases. In case of a mistake thank the person for noticing and taking the time to improve your blog posts. We often create the content in collaboration with others, so remember to also give credit where it is due.

#3 Check the tone used in your blog post – is it helpful, or do you sound bossy? Oftentimes the critical and negative feedback is a result of the similar tone that we used initially.

Many blogs out there are struggling for readership, and getting a comment (good or bad) shows there are people reading and interacting with your posts and that you are obviously doing something right with your writings. That is the most important takeaway you should get from a negative blog comment – to not take it personally, but be thankful and constructive about it making efforts to improve in the future.


  1. Karissa says

    I have yet to receive negative comments on my blog. And if I would receive one, I guess, all I have to do is ignore them..

  2. jessica says

    i believe that if the commenter would just like to say something about the article, it would be in a neutral toe. but if she/he didn’t like what she/he read, that’s the time that negative comments occur. I hope I won’t encounter one.

  3. Dana Marie says

    I receive a lot of spam comments on my blogs. sometimes, I get irritated, I actually access the links they provide and then I go spam them too. Not a very wise move!

  4. says

    sometimes I chuckle when I see negative comments not just on my blog but on others as well. I would actually roll my eyes and say, “what’s she talking about? is she serious?”

    I realize that sometimes, those that leave unwanted comments are really vying for your attention. So I just let them be. When I get tired of looking at those bad comments, I will just have to delete them. After all, I have the last say on what to read on my blog and what not.
    arianne recently posted…Customizing TheStyle: One Theme, Five WaysMy Profile

  5. angelique says

    Me, when I see negative words being thrown at my blog, I will read my blog post over and over again, and make sure I won’t do the same mistake on my next article. It is okay with me to see bad comments, as long as what they’re saying are true and have points that I need to follow to better improve my writing.

  6. says

    I used to have this blog on (way back 2008, when Multiply was the ‘IN’ blog medium) and I encountered a new user who really just created a new account, just to be able to comment on my blog. and what a nasty comment it was! she insisted that the pictures I posted on my album belonged to her, where in fact, those pictures were all mine, I shot them with my camera and I even put a watermark on the pictures to let everyone know that those were mine. But this girl was really insistent, even called me a photoshop expert when I don’t even know how to use photoshop. My gosh! it was such a very traumatic ordeal. good thing I have my friends, co workers and acquaintances who defended me and proved that all my posts and pictures were authentic and mine. It’s really nice to have real friends who know you and could defend you on your blog. From that day on, I was carefully screening all the comments that await moderation.
    claire recently posted…Oprah Winfrey’s Inspirational Life StoryMy Profile

  7. Rina says

    as much as possible, I don’t want to get personal on the attacks on my blog. I just ignore them. but when they mess up with my brains, that I couldn’t sleep without thinking about the comments, I’ll go back reading my blog and maybe, if I am in bad mood, I might just answer back. Luckily, this hadn’t happened and I hope it will never happen.

  8. marielle says

    Negative comments and commenters will always be present in every blog. I just ignore them because I know they only want something from me. and I don’t want to fall on their trap.

  9. helga says

    ugh, negative comments irritate the heck out of me. sorry, but whenever I encounter one, I usually delete the comment.

  10. janice says

    negative feedback are beneficial to me in a way, because i get to learn from my blogging mistakes and take them as challenges for me to be able to write better in the future.

  11. Leigh says

    I’m glad I control my Comments box, I have the choice to either publish unwarranted comments and screen the others..

  12. Shaniah says

    I’d like to say I accept criticisms, but if the negative comments contain words such as “douche, bitch, idiot” and other vulgar words, I would definitely delete those comments and even ban the IP address of those commenters.

  13. Xandra says

    Tip #2 – I will take note of that – I usually forget to defend my posts when someone criticizes my blog. So I will take enough time to prove and cover all bases so my readers won’t think that they are being cheated on.

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