How to Blog When You Lack Motivation

It happens to all of us, – there simply must be a day in our lives as bloggers when we just can’t sit down and write, even though we really need to get a blog post out there. To prevent this from happening too often we need to write when we feel motivated and have good ideas, not wait for the last day when the post should’ve been scheduled. But sadly, that’s not how it usually works for everyone. Here are few tips on writing a blog post when you lack motivation:

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Come Up with Blog Post Ideas in Advance

It is hardest to write a post when you have no idea what to write about. My motivation in these situations is close to zero. What I’ve learned later is that when you have a bunch of blog post ideas to start with it is far easier to finish a post. All you need to do is pick one from the list you feel is easiest for you to write in that moment, and get going.

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Plan Your Blog Posts Before You Start Writing

Planning your blog posts helps you keep them on track from beginning to end. A good plan will save you lots of time on rewriting and editing and help you write faster because you know where you’re going next. The whole piece will be better structured and easier to read. When you have a plan to follow is easier to stay motivated also – “just two more sections and we are done”. 

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Try The Pomodoro Technique

When you find it hard to stay motivated you can try setting a timer. At this time you’ll only write and not allow anything to distract you. This type of timed writing is the base of the Pomodoro technique which defines one “pomodoro” as work time of 25 minutes, and suggests a 5 minute break after each pomodoro and a longer one after four. (Try Tomato Timer for this.)

Pomodoro is Italian for “tomato”. The technique got its name because the developer Francesco Cirillo used a tomato-shaped kitchen timer. (Image credit:

Pomodoro is Italian for “tomato”. The technique got its name because the developer Francesco Cirillo used a tomato-shaped kitchen timer. (Image credit:

If you feel 25 minutes is too long, to adapt start with just 15 minutes. You can work for longer also but it’s not advised to go above 45 minutes because it may become a struggle and blogging is not supposed to be a burden. You can also try this technique when you lack time for writing – you may be surprised of how much work you can do in a few very focused sessions.

Find What Helps You Get into Writing Frame of Mind

Lots of people have different rituals that help them perform better in whatever they do, and so do writers and bloggers. I’ve found I’m most productive when I’m in my office, but I also do well when I listen to some relaxing ambient sounds (soundrown is great too). A friend gets into a writing mood when she smells a freshly brewed tea because she loves blogging with a mug of tea next to her.

Find whatever it is that helps you get into your writing frame and use it when blogging. It will help boost your motivation as soon as you get in your (home)office chair or hear your writing sounds.

Leave Spelling and Grammar for Editing Stage

Correct grammar and spelling are crucial, but not while you write your blog posts. At this point you should only care about putting the words down. Once you finish writing you can move on to editing and then fix the spelling and grammar errors, as well as revise the sentences that don’t make sense.

Have you found a way to get motivated to blog when you are not? Let us know in the comments…


  1. Coffee Book Mom says

    What I do is this, whenever I feel inspired or an idea came to mind, I usually write it down on a piece of paper and tuck it in my shirt pocket and when I change clothes at the end of the day or anytime of the day, I would then see what I wrote on that piece of paper and would attack my keyboard and write.

  2. Yasmine says

    so true! there are days when I don’t feel like blogging at all. what I do is I consult my organizer if there are any strenuous activity scheduled for me to do today, and if there is, I would postpone that activity and go to my laptop and tell myself, I’d rather blog than get sweat today.. LOL! i know it’s kind of childish thing to do, but it’s rather effective, at least I could do my blogging in time :)

  3. Ginger says

    actually, when I lack motivation, I just sit in front of my laptop, make some doodles and scribbles and drink coffee. sooner or later, an idea would come to mind and that will motivate me to work.

  4. Taylor says

    Oh, sounds! yes definitely! music is a big factor when I don’t feel like working. when I hear sounds or songs or anything that lifts up my mood, I know it will change everything!

  5. Ursula says

    In my case, I work better when I hear music somewhere. Whether I hear it on my iPod or on my neighbor’s playlist, I find that it actually makes me write more and engages me more in blogging.

  6. Arianne says

    what actually motivates me to blog more is when I see a lot of books lying on my bed and when I get to finish at least one of them. my fingers itch to do the blogging and won’t stop until I get all the ideas out of my head.

  7. rhea says

    motivayion isn’t really a problem with me, but lack of time is. sometimes I can only hop from one blog to another and when I read engaging posts, I feel inspired, but then when it’s time for me to start a post, my time usually runs out – it’s either someone calls me or my kids need me or my hubby demands my attention. Tough job!

  8. emily says

    i hate to break this to you.. but yes! the pomodoro technique worked! I tried that style and timed my blogging, In a matter of 30 minutes, I was able to come up with an idea to blog about, do some proofreading and finally able to publish my draft in record time, without distractions! Thank you!

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