How To Join The Blogger Babes

Why Join?

  • Exclusive content such as newsletters, eBooks and whitepapers only available to Blogger Babe members.
  • Support – it can get lonely blogging all by yourself – the Blogger Babes are a friendly bunch, we encourage members to reach out to one another – make friends, collaborate, give encouragement and seek advice from one another.
  • Fantastic discounts  – members will get special pricing from our preferred vendors. Want a PR expert to craft you a press release or to help with a publicity campaign? Need a blog critique or a graphic web designer? The Blogger Babes will help you delegate your tasks – all at great prices.


You can apply to join by filling up our membership form here .   We usually respond within 5-10 working days.


    • Heidi says

      Hi Summer, We received your email – we will respond by the end of the week. Glad to have you on board :)

  1. says

    Hi Heidi! When I click on the link (or even try to enter the URL manually), I get a 404 Error with the Blogger Babes template around it (e.g. the header, side bars, etc.). Would you please fix the link? I’d love to learn more about joining.

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