7 Reasons Why Newbie Bloggers Fail

According to blogging.org in 2012 there were 42.000.000 blogs only on WordPress, and that’s only 43% of the U.S. bloggers. The rest are using Blogger, Tumblr, Typepad, Posterous, and other platforms to share their views and ideas with the world. These platforms development made it easy for everyone to start a blog in absolutely every niche and the fact that blogging is in the reach of the “common” people today is probably why there are so many new blogs opened every day.

While starting a blog may be easy, taking it to a new higher level definitely isn’t. Many newbies when faced with these challenges decide to “throw in the towel” and give up. In fact, as studies show most of them quit blogging in the first 90 days. Here are some of the most common reasons why bloggers fail:


Lack of Knowledge and Writing Skills

Blogging is about what interests you and the things you love. As you do your research and learn your niche you transfer that knowledge to other people (your blog readers) who share the same passion. Find what interests you and build a blog around it. Do a research of the existing market and its potentials for a long-lasting success.

If you lack the skills in writing don’t worry. Blogging isn’t just for the writers though it may seem like that at first. Writing is something we learn and improve in time as we do it more often. We were all bad (or at least not that good) when we were starting, but if we gave up that easily we would never get better and achieve the success we desired.

Laziness and Lack of Persistence and Consistency

The truth is most people are lazy… too lazy if you ask me. Instead of getting to the job and doing it, we start making excuses for why we can’t find enough time and energy for it. If you don’t have time for blogging it is simply because you have decided that making your blog successful isn’t that important to you. That’s all there is to it.

Aside from our laziness, other reason for bloggers failing is the lack of persistence and consistency in blogging. Being a consistent blogger means you are ready to blog continuously, and being persistent means you will blog over and over again. When we start our blog we are all very enthusiastic and can write every day, but as time goes by we tend to lose the initial energy and this often leads bloggers to quitting. If your motivation gets low and you want to boost your blogging productivity make sure to click the links and read my tips.

Not Having a Proper Plan and Strategy

Blogging isn’t a business in its core. If you want to make money blogging you need to start looking at it as a business. This means having an action plan and building a strategy to follow to help you achieve set goals with proper time and resource management. But most bloggers are not entrepreneurs and they don’t know much about business, so not being ready to make mistakes, learn and get better, they decide to give up from blogging. Don’t let yourself follow their lead, but instead define what you want from your blog and start working on achieving these aspirations.


The Results Come Too Slow

Many newbie bloggers make the mistake of focusing on increasing the traffic too early when they don’t even have enough content on their blogs to interest and engage these new readers. To be honest this is completely backwards. Instead of getting preoccupied with these measurements they should concentrate on creating valuable content and improving their blogging skills – that’s what will bring in more visitors and regular traffic later. Don’t be impatient and expect results to come too quickly because you will get discouraged and abandon your blog. Blogging success takes time, a great deal of time.

Being Caught Up in Stats and Metrics

It’s easy to get too concerned about the numbers and worry about how many page views you have, who is reading your blog posts and where else do they click. Instead you should focus on realizing your blog goals and building a loyal community around it. A good community will lead to better stats and metrics over time and trump all page views in the world.

Not Being Able to Deal with Criticism

Not everyone will agree with your opinions and you should not expect that. While some commenters will try to be constructive and make a good point with their criticism, there will be some who will leave rude comments or even make personal attacks. If this happens don’t take the bullying personally but distance yourself and do your best to appear diplomatic in your response. In addition check out my post on handling negative blog post comments.

Not Earning Money

This is probably one of the biggest reasons why bloggers quit blogging. They start with an intention of making huge money from their blogs, and then the reality hits when they realize this isn’t as easy as they thought so they give up after the first 3 to 4 months or even sooner. Yes, the Huffington Post was sold for $315 million, but that happened after 6 years. Don’t expect too much too soon.

So, you’re left with a choice, – you can either give up and remain average, or you can stick with blogging for the long haul and achieve success. Remember Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000-Hour Rule? According to his book “Outliers: The Story of Success” the key to success in any field is, to a large extent, a matter of practicing a specific task for a total of around 10,000 hours. So you better get busy and keep blogging if you want to reach them and become one of the outliers. Good luck bloggers :)


  1. aira says

    do my eyes deceive me? there were 42,000,000 blogs in WordPress alone? wow, that’s tooooooo many to count. and I haven’t even started blogging yet.

  2. angelique says

    Guilty on no.2 = laziness! I was too lazy to write a new post when I face my laptop. Sometimes, the various games installed prevent me from writing a post. Too bad for me. Now my blog is no longer updated.

  3. mj says

    Oh my, you hit the nail on the head with all those reasons why bloggers like me had failed. I am particularly affected with the criticisms that I had to deal when readers leave bad comments on my blog. I am like that, uber sensitive.

  4. Taylor says

    I haven’t even started blogging yet, but i have this feeling that it would end up an epic fail. My reason? Sometimes I get a little too lazy that I prefer reading other blogs than start on my own.

  5. Claire says

    Thank you for sharing these valuable info, Heidi. I will check out the book you suggested so I can continue with my blogging even though sometimes I can’t find time to do so.

  6. belinda says

    I scraped my blog a few years back because it didn’t work. I was always on the lookout for better blog platforms and when I post, I wanted results right away. I was gearing up for more, and was impatiently waiting for more readers. Then I got tired and eventually, I stopped. I have to be more patient now if I want to start blogging again.

  7. samantha lewis says

    thank you for enlightening me with this, i couldn’t help but say yes to most of the reasons why my blog failed after only a few months. i was expecting too much, so it seemed~

  8. Brianna says

    I am keeping tabs on this page as I have plans of starting a blog soon. I hope I won’t get lazy or side-tracked by money so I could continue writing online. Thank you for this.

  9. Annie says

    I think I’ll have to stick to my blogging, whatever happens. Sure, sometimes I do get lazy and want to just go out and have fun, but at the end of the day, my fingers still itch to write down what transpired and what’s on my head. I’ll take a breather sometime, I guess, but I hope I won’t end up closing my blog soon. Thanks for these warning signs, Heidi :)

  10. mildred says

    based from my experience, newbies fail in blogging because they expect too much from the first draft to the first post to the first comments. ideally, they sit in front of the computer, wandering from blog to blog, wondering how one blogger get to have a million followers and wishing the same when they just started a few paragraphs. Yes, like you mentioned, newbies are either caught up in metrics and stuffs, or are just impatient to get to many readers.

  11. says

    Wow. Its amazing to read this information. I started my magazine in 2010, and then became too ill to do anything meaningful. But, determined to make a success of it, I took on a new energy focus, and made a go of it in 2013, along with the launching of my magazine. It was a big feat, for someone with constantly painfully fluctuating energy levels, but I did it. Some friends decided to help me out, and we set up the online version in May 2013. In 7 months, we have 39,000 views, and a number of writers, bloggers and professional enthusiasts. Its been great. Thanks for sharing these thoughts.
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  12. says

    Hello; this is a very well thought out post that all new bloggers should read preferably before they start their blog. I too sometimes get caught up in the stats. i call it score board watching for the non athletic. When i write a good post and I am regularly checking my traffic instead of getting on to the business of writing the next post. This week i recorded my first video for my site and i’ve been caught up checking the views on you tube. Well, i feel pretty good about the video and i did have to overcome several fears to do it. thanks again for this post and take care, max
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