5 Tips for AdSense Newbies to Try Before Giving Up

In tough times like these we can all use an additional income to the family budget, and blogging can be one of the sources. There are lots of ways you can earn from the work on your blog, and Google AdSense is one of the easiest that will boost your bottom line every month. Still, a lot of bloggers give up on the tool within the first couple of months, failing to recognize its potential, mainly because they expect more money without first considering that more money also means more hours of dedicated work which not everyone is willing to put in. So for the persistent ones AdSense can be a great source of extra cash, and here’s what is important to consider:

Be mindful when selecting keywords.

Search is all about keywords, so in order to earn money you need to choose the best Cost-Per-Click keywords, with proper competition level. There are great tools out there for keyword analysis, but make sure to keep them within your niche since they determine the type of ads that will show up on your blog. If the ads have nothing to do with your content, people are less likely to click and follow them, and you will be wasting a perfectly valuable space on your site, which if used otherwise could potentially bring you great income.

Be careful with the density of your keywords, as Google can penalize you, or even remove your blog from the program, if you go overboard. And once you are out, you are practically out for good, and you certainly don’t want that.

Ad placement, and selecting the best size and format.

AdSense ads formats and sizes.

AdSense ads formats and sizes.

Whatever traffic comes to your blog (no matter how these people landed on your pages) will judge you, your site and your business, based on the design, layout and navigation (read next), but also on the way you deal with the advertisements on your blog. Their size and position have great influence over the clicks they’ll get, but if used too often or on the wrong places, ads can also ruin the user experience. You don’t want to leave your readers wondering where they need to click to get what they came for in all that ads-chaos on your site.

The first reason why people come to your blog is to get certain information, not to click advertisements. You have not been working so hard to improve it in every sense, create great content, just to make your visitors click on the ads and leave your blog forever, right? Keep their attention on the design and content first, and looking at ads will come secondary as they get more comfortable around your pages.

For the size and format of the AdSense advertisements, it’s worth keeping in mind that the large 336×280 rectangle sized ad has been proven as the one with the most revenue. You can start with an ad around that size, maybe display a video (which type is increasingly popular lately), and then test your results with different formats and sizes to see what works best with your audience. Every niche is different, and what works for some blogs doesn’t necessarily work for others too.

Keep your blog in good shape.

To achieve success you need to provide quality; and this includes blog design, navigation, positive user experience, and awesome content that readers love. As people land on your pages they start scanning from the upper left corner of the screen, toward the upper center, and then their eyes tend to drift down. They’ll only scroll down if they like what they see. So the best place for your ads is probably to the right and bottom of the screen, this way keeping the focus on your blog and message.

CMSWire infographic: How People Read Online.

CMSWire infographic: How People Read Online.

Create valuable content to keep the attention of your readers and show your knowledge and authority in the niche you cover. The chances for earning money are greater if people feel they can trust you. Optimize each page on your blog for the right keywords that you target and take care of the other on-page SEO elements.

More traffic = more money. But not just any traffic.

To make money with Google AdSense you need visitors on your blog who are interested in the niche you cover and would go further to find what they searched for. This means you need targeted traffic, with needs that your blogging business can meet, who may also show interest and click on your ads. So it’s not just to generate traffic, but to consider what audience profile you want on your blog and what would be the best way(s) to get their attention. Apply what you’ve found out in your marketing strategy, and you are good to get that extra earnings.

Monitor your success and reevaluate your strategy.

Monitoring is key to success. Only if you follow how your ads are doing, you will be able to manage your profits. Look which ads are working, and which are not; see if some have better results at specific periods of the day, week, year; check if the keywords you’ve selected actually make you money – if not, change them.

To get an idea of the things you are doing right and your wrong steps, compare few of your top earning pages with the same number of the worse performing pages on your blog. See what you are doing different, why are they making more money, and implement this data into the bottom pages measuring the results. Make sure to reevaluate you’re your AdSense strategy at least every month based on this knowledge, analyze if you are using the best keywords for your blog, and make changes accordingly.

What are your thoughts? Can AdSense be helpful for you? Or you already have some tips of your own to share? Tell us in the comments …


  1. Nicky Anne Paris says

    This is truly informative. I am still new in online business blogging and adsense is so new to me, but I think I can get along just fine because of helpful sites like yours.

  2. says

    Great tips! A lot of us aren’t aware of Google Adsense. I admit I am a newbie to this one too, I just discovered it about 2 months ago. Now I am earning a little as time goes by. I appreciate what you are doing to newbies like me because we are learning a lot.
    clarizze recently posted…Book Review: Diva by Alex FlinnMy Profile

  3. Georgina Matheson says

    Keywords are really important especially when optimizing a blog. This will also help newbies with their ads, because what other people read on the blog would be suggested through the adsense.

  4. Rebecca says

    I can say that AdSense had been a lot helpful to me or to my blog. The numbers / earnings keep piling up!

  5. Rachel K. says

    You know what, I was just about to give up with my decision to use AdSense. But thanks to your very articulate and helpful post, I am having second thoughts. I think I will give Google Adsense another try by making sure that I choose the right keywords and make use of other contributing factors. Thanks!

    • Heidi says

      That’s great Rachel :)
      Let us know how it works for your blog. Rebecca is very satisfied with her earnings from AdSense…

  6. Cassidy James says

    Placing your ads strategically would help readers find what they are looking for in a blog. There are readers who would skip to the info or body of the blog immediately, ignoring the ads, especially when it blinks annoyingly or occupies a larger portion of the site than necessary. So we should be mindful of how we place the ads so we won’t lose our readers forever.

    • Heidi says

      I totally agree with you Cassidy. We should always keep the experience of our user on the first place, and then think about monetization.
      We are too overloaded with advertisements today, and our tolerance level only gets lower. So be careful…

  7. Aeriyanna says

    I notice that the bulk of my earnings usually come from organic visitors or people who come via search engines to my posts. So I make sure that I choose and use specific keywords to my title and posts so they will easily come to my place. I agree with the ad placements too. If placed strategically, they (readers) won’t mind seeing them or accessing them while browsing through your site. This article is very enlightening Heidi. Keep it up!

  8. Mariella Painter says

    To tell you the truth, my biggest concern when I added a large AdSense below my post titles was that most of my loyal readers email me saying they easily get annoyed with it. That happened a year ago, so I decided to display the large rectangle only on posts older than seven days. Lucily, it worked, because I notice that the readers couldn’t be bothered withe the ads when they are browsing through my recent posts, and most search-engine-based visitors almost always see the ads because they usually land on posts older than seven days.


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