5 New Year Resolutions to Become Better Blogger in 2014

As someone who’s running a blog, or planning to start in near future, at least one of your 2014 New Year resolutions is blog-related. Am I right? Here I give you five “sub-resolutions” that will make you a better blogger in the following year:

Become a better blogger in 2014. Image source: elitedaily.com

Image source: elitedaily.com

Build a Content Calendar

For your blog to rank in search results you need to consistently produce new content, and this is not always easy. Sometimes we lack motivation to blog, other times we rush to meet deadlines (read what to post when you don’t have time to write), but if we plan our blog posts in advance we’ll have lots of time for research and writing. Work on about 7, 8 to 10 post ideas so you’ll be safe for a period of two weeks to a month or more, depending on how often you publish.

Work When You Are Most Productive

It’s not always the writer’s block fault when we can’t seem to make any progress generating blog post ideas and writing. Sometimes it just ain’t the right time. Find the time that most suits you for writing – get up earlier, about 6 a.m. for example, or stay up late, try in the afternoon to find the period of the day when you are most creative.

Remember to re-test your most productive time as it changes in different environment.

Blog Regularly

Image source: 123newyear

Image source: 123newyear

This may be the most important of all blogging New Year resolutions because content is one of the three pillars of SEO today with quality becoming even more important in this 2014. And to ensure quality you need to write regularly. This requires conscious effort, discipline and commitment, which is sometimes easier said than done, but the truth is that if we want to improve we must work on ourselves all the time.

Use Distraction-Free Writing Tools

It’s hard to focus on blogging if your workspace is too noisy and crowded, or if you constantly get distracted by emails and social media. There are amazing tools that you can use to get rid of these distractions, and some are covered in my productivity tips for bloggers article.

Start Using Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics is free and it gives you access to important data about readers behavior on your blog. By identifying your most popular posts (most clicked, commented, shared posts) you can craft better content and improve your blog in possibly the most crucial way – with quality and greater value.

Bonus tip: Make Sure to Exercise and Play More

Remember that in order for your blog to achieve success you need to be healthy and fit-for-duty. Good and regular exercise and proper nutrition can help a lot. Even the airline safety instructions say you should put your oxygen mask first before assisting others. So don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Blogging is lots of hard work (it’s easier if you love what you blog about), but it doesn’t mean your regular life should be neglected because of it. Make sure there are always few hours a day when you can sit and relax, or do stuff you enjoy – this will loosen your tired mind and boost your productivity and creativity.

They say that if you can do something 5 to 12 weeks straight, it will become your habit. It’s up to you to start putting effort in the things that matter, blogging-related and otherwise. So make use of the year that just started. May your kind wishes all come true.

Happy New Year! :)


  1. Aaliyah says

    This New Year, my blog resolution would be to regularly post an article or blog as frequent as possible. I really hope I could do this.

  2. Nicky Anne Paris says

    I definitely agree with your bonus tip – at this time, after the holidays, in order to keep on blogging, one should stay fit and exercise. Especially after all those parties and food!

  3. Helene of New Jersey says

    What great suggestions! For 2014, I vow to spend more time with my blog than nibbling on foods, and I promise to schedule my posts if I know that I won’t be available for a couple of days.

  4. Kirsten says

    I haven’t come up with a new year’s resolution, I haven’t even started a blog yet, so I declare this year would be my year for blogging. I hope I could keep up with all these info I am getting.

  5. shauna marie says

    oh, I need to come up with a New Year’s resolution now, when it comes to my blogging. I know I have recently neglected my posts. I really hope and wish I can be a better blogger this 2014.

  6. Taylor says

    New Year’s resolutions, I ‘ve got so many this year! and now after reading this, I am going to add another that I need to resolve for this new year. Yay!! I hope I can keep up with all these promises.

  7. Gabrielle says

    I believe that a blog post should contain valuable and well-thought articles. So this year, I’m planning to take my blogging to a higher level by providing informative posts, instead of posting random thoughts.

  8. lizbeth says

    those are great blogging ideas and resolutions, Heidi. Me, I promise to blog more often and also do a make-over to make my blog more exciting and inviting.

  9. maragaret says

    If a blogger is really into writing and providing info, he or she should resolve to make a blog that everybody can have a great time reading and sharing to others.

  10. Kimberly C. says

    My New Year’s resolution for my blog is to be able to do a design makeover and more quality postings.

  11. Sofia Marie says

    Those are really nice blog resolutions. For me, my resolution for 2014 is to make sure that my blog will be regularly updated.

  12. says

    Great tips! I totally agree :)

    It’s funny how these resolutions (and their subsequent solutions) are so similar to the stereotypical fitness resolutions! Check out my post to get a little more in-depth about having a productive and successful year: http://www.workoutworldcali.com/new-years-boot-camp/

    It’s totally applicable to the blogging world! Setting goals, keeping schedules, notating and analyzing your progress, getting into a comfortable routine, etc.
    Jack recently posted…Workout Motivation – Work Out WorldMy Profile

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