4 Tricks to Boost Your Blog’s Twitter Following

Unless you are someone very famous, you will need to work hard to build an initial following for your blog on Twitter. For the beginners, and those struggling for attention, the best way to do it is to act like you are addicted to Twitter and to make this social site your top priority at least for a month or two, posting frequently and creating lots of content.

As studies show, the more tweets you have, the more followers you’ll gain. According to Beevolve, Twitter accounts with less than 1,000 tweets have an average of 51 to 100 followers, while those with more than 10,000 tweets tend to be followed by 1,001 to 5000 users. So start tweeting to reach the benchmarks…

More Tweets - More Followers!

More Tweets – More Followers!

We talked how you can improve the blog traffic you get from Twitter last year, and now I’ll share four sure-fire tricks to help you get more followers:

Tweet the same links multiple times

The opinions about reposting the same content on social media vary, but according to Buffer and their stats, this works surprisingly well when it comes to increasing your social presence. If you only tweet once or twice a day the chances are not many people will see your links in the streams – 9,100 tweets scroll by and fight for readers’ attention every second. Posting your content multiple times will help you reach casual followers too, as well as increase your blog traffic, reach different time zones and gain new readership. Guy Kawasaki and his massive Twitter following is another prove the strategy works.

Find and follow your fans and followers on other social sites

It’s maybe obvious, but you’ll be surprised to see how often this is overlooked. Are all your Facebook fans, Google Plus and Pinterest followers, and LinkedIn connections following you on Twitter? Probably not. They may not know you have an account there for your blog, or can’t find your handle.

Follow to get followed... But keep in mind the kind of audience you want for your blog.

Follow to get followed… But keep in mind the kind of audience you want for your blog.

Search these people, locate the ones with similar interests and start following them – this way you are introducing yourself and stating your intention, which in many cases results in them following you back. If you already communicate with some of them you can ask them personally if they want to follow you on Twitter.

Following industry influencers is also very beneficial. Spend some time to find the “gurus” in your niche, and just by following them you’ll be getting access to a whole new network of potential followers for yourself.

Actively interact with your followers

The key to Twitter success is to go further than just a follow, – to engage, pose questions, comment and interact with the community. Get involved with high-profile bloggers in your niche too. If you contribute well, the influencers will likely feel obliged to return the favor and follow you back. Also, by being active and showing you are alive on Twitter you have greater chances of keeping the current followers that you have on your blog account.

Show your character in your tweets

Be yourself, show your personality and engage with your audience.

Be yourself, show your personality and engage with your audience.

There are countless Twitter streams that look like bots generated them, literally, – just stale lists of links, and nothing else. No one will (or should) follow that! To get people interested in what you have to offer you need to be yourself, show your personality and engage with your audience.

Add a joke from time to time, include quips and quotes, follow up when someone mentions you on Twitter, answer direct messages, and make sure it’s clearly visible to new followers that they’ll be getting the same attention. You should not only build useless followers, but you should stay active and continually create and share interesting and educational content your followers will find valuable. To gain and keep your following you need to establish yourself as a resource for something valuable, whether in-depth articles, tips and how to’s, news, reviews, or humor.

How are you doing with Twitter? What are your best tips for increasing blogs’ following? Let us know in the comments…


  1. marie clare says

    These are helpful Twitter tips, thank you for sharing them, Heidi. I still have a long way to go in order to have a considerable number of followers.

  2. Karla Reign says

    I think I may have neglected my Twitter account lately, that’s why I no longer get alerts about new followers or reTweeters. I have to get back to my Twitter and tweet as many as I can.

  3. jessica says

    thanks for the tips, bloggerbabes. I didn’t know that tweeting the same links multiple times would be beneficial in increasing my following. I will do this more often then.

  4. bianca g. says

    how am I doing in my tweets? I think it’s safe to say that I’ve got quite a following and hope to increase the number soon.

  5. mischa says

    I usually write jokes and quotes on my Tweets, so that my readers won’t get bored with my one-liner tweets or links. That’s how I engage my followers on Twitter!

  6. CoffeeBookMom says

    I think I’ve done a pretty good job tweeting the same link (my URL) multiple times on Twitter. I just wish I could blog more often so that my twitter followers wont get bored with my blog.

  7. margaret says

    another interesting and helpful post! on my Twitter account, I make sure I interact with my followers and thank the new ones who dropped by my tweets. that helped me gain more followers!

  8. Wynona says

    thanks for this #tricks! I’m learning a lot from you. especially about Twitter. I’ve been addicted to this media platform since last year!


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