4 Questions to Ask Before You Decide What to Share on Social Media

Social signals are one of the three most important factors determining your blog’s Google rankings, together with quality links and great content that your readers love. Considering this, no one should expect that having a Facebook page or tweeting once a week can be enough to get the traction they hope for. It takes much more than that, – it takes time and dedication to make relationships with real readers and clients work and grow. Instead of dismissing the sites as ineffective, or not working for their blogs, they should maybe look again at their approach and strategy and see what improvements they can make.

Part of this strategy is deciding what content you should share on each social profile to appeal to greater audience, to engage them and drive them back to your site. Some bloggers are absolutely amazing when it comes to creating the perfect share, but sadly most of us must work harder to improve this skill. If you are not sure whether the post you are about to share will bring you the desired attention, ask yourself the following questions:

Will Your Following Thank You for It?

Is your blog post that useful to your readers that they would say thank you? If yes, share it everywhere. We constantly search the Web for new knowledge, something that will solve us a current problem, give an idea, improve our lives. If you can be that source of information for your audience, you are on the right track.

The Content Marketing Manifesto by Rand Fishkin.

The Content Marketing Manifesto by Rand Fishkin.

And this is the content to share with your friends, fans and circles. Think what tips, guides and how-tos your readers would be thankful for, but also go beyond your current audience and offer content useful to their social connections too. You ideally want to publish posts that are relevant to anyone who interacts with your blog’s potential readers and customers.

Will You Impress Them?

Useful information is not the only thing we like, comment on and share on social media. We also want something funny, interesting, beautiful, sad, something that makes us angry, something so amazing and incredible that we must pass it on.

Images and videos are ideal to trigger this kind of emotion in people. According to Social Bakers, photos make up to 93% of the most engaging Facebook updates. So make sure to use them in your posts when appropriate. Read where to find great images for free.

Can You See It in Your Own Facebook Feed?

Think of the type of content we share on Facebook, – it’s usually something that makes us look cool or clever, like we are building our personal brand there. Observe your audience behavior and patterns to determine what gets most traction. Before you post something on social accounts see if it plays well in such confines, will your readers want their friends to see these posts on their timelines.

Would You Message/Email the Link to a Friend?

When creating content for social media ask yourself would you send the link to a friend. This will completely change your perspective in writing, making you iterate your research looking for better information, interesting examples and more exciting visuals. When we message links to our friends we are sure they’ll be interested and like them. Improve your content until you can imagine this happening.

Try out these questions next time you share a post on social media, and let us know how your readers react.


  1. Lorraine says

    so far, i have shared most of my blog posts through Twitter and Facebook. My Facebook followers are more responsive than on Twitter. Maybe because on FB, my followers not only see a link to my page, they also see some of my blog photos displayed on their walls. While on Twitter, all they see is a link.

  2. says

    Those are valid questions, and surprisingly, my answers are YES. As a book reviewer, I usually share my views to my blogreaders and my followers have so far thanked me and liked the posts, they’re quite impressed with the book reviews and it helps to see the posts on my FB feed. And yes, I do send most of my pages via email to friends. :)
    arianne recently posted…Kissing Another GrimaldiMy Profile

  3. Wanda says

    Thanks for those questions. I’d better ask those Qs before I post my articles. More often than not, I get negative comments and zero Likes on my FB because I just point and click my mouse without really thinking of my readers would like them or not.

    • Heidi says

      Your blog readers must come first when thinking how to present your ideas and message Wanda. Keep these tips in mind the next time you share your posts on social media.

  4. NIcky Anne Paris says

    Before I actually hit the Publish button, I double check my rough draft and make sure that there are no grammatical errors or any statement that might trigger negative views. WHen I’m satisfied I post it and link it to my FB page so more people could read what I wrote. So far, so good, the reactions I get from my followers are positive and engaging.. :)

  5. Marcelyn says

    As a blogger, I always want to make sure that my posts are relevant and with sense and personality. I want my readers to get a hold of myself and of how I feel when I blog. And then I share my post via social medias like Twitter & Facebook. So far, so good..

  6. Kendall says

    my FB readers/followers have been responsive lately on my posts via links to my blog. I guess it means that I must be doing something right!


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