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How To Join The Blogger Babes

by Heidi . May 9, 2013

Why Join? Exclusive content such as newsletters, eBooks and whitepapers only available to Blogger Babe members. Support – it can get lonely blogging all by yourself – the Blogger Babes are a friendly bunch, we encourage members to reach out to one another – make friends, collaborate, give encouragement and seek advice from one another. […]

4 Simple Tricks to Make Your Blog Content More Conversational

by Heidi . April 16, 2014

You need engaging content on your blog, – posts that invite readers to like, tweet, comment on, share, pin, email, – if you want readers to pay attention. And one way to make it engaging is to write in a more conversational tone; like you probably would if you were sitting for a casual coffee […]

Social Networks: How Many Is Too Many?

by Heidi . April 14, 2014

Blogging takes a lot – creating awesome content, designing, moderating comments, commenting on other blogs, guest posting, … And social media is just a part of it. There are over 200 social sites (at least according to Wikipedia), but does this mean we should join them all? Of course not! Even though they all differ […]

6 Simple Security Measures for Your WordPress Blog

by Heidi . April 11, 2014

Security online is important for everyone, not just for WordPress bloggers. We all need to be very responsible and keep our sensitive data from getting in the wrong hands. Internet security is sometimes difficult and obtuse topic, particularly if you lack the technical background, but because the damages and recovery can be really difficult, the […]

4 Steps to Greater Affiliate Marketing Success

by Heidi . April 9, 2014

What’s great about bloggers is that they can easily acquire loyal following if they produce quality content. If that’s a blog you love, you’ll make sure not to miss on any post they publish. So will your readers, if they find your content interesting, fun, engaging and useful. In time your readers learn to trust […]

10 Great Tools to Grow Your Blog’s Presence on Pinterest

by Heidi . April 7, 2014

According to latest Pew research, Pinterest is now more popular than Twitter for the U.S. adult social media users, coming third only after Facebook and LinkedIn. The social site has 70 million pinners, and over 70% of them are from the U.S. They are far more active than international users too. Check our Pinterest guide […]

5 Tips to Boost Productivity in Your Blogging Workspace

by Heidi . April 4, 2014

Keeping your blog regularly updated with fresh and interesting content is very important if you are serious about your blogging. But staying motivated to do this consistently is not always easy. On the other hand, if you are making a living out of blogging and writing, not being productive can literally cost you money, and […]

Write Headlines That Get Your Blogging Noticed

by Heidi . April 2, 2014

Great title is not the most important ingredient of a successful blog post, but if we consider the current reading habits of online users, it often determines the destiny of the whole piece. Based on the title effectiveness readers will decide whether to continue further or immediately bounce off your blog. Your post titles are […]

6 Tips to Make Better Short-Form Videos for Vine and Instagram

by Heidi . March 31, 2014

Short videos are quite popular these days thanks to Instagram and Vine. Both platforms have made this form an important resource and great engagement tool in the hands of bloggers and marketers — with a maximum length of six seconds on Vine and fifteen seconds on Instagram. Just to state the (obvious) potentials, Twitter’s Vine […]

Play Safe When Selecting Free WordPress Themes

by Heidi . March 28, 2014

Are you happy with how your blog looks or it could use a bit of refreshment? Maybe you’ve read about the responsive design and the ten main ingredients to a great blog [design], and now you want change your WordPress theme with another that better suits your current needs and aesthetics. But, your budget is […]

What Makes a Blog User-Friendly?

by Heidi . March 26, 2014

When developing your blog, no matter its niche, your primary goal should be to offer readers a pleasant and fulfilling experience. Only satisfied visitors are likely to return, recommend your blog to friends, sign up for a newsletter, order a product or service you offer, etc. The opinion of your visitors after they land on […]