3 Ways Facebook Insights Can Help You Boost Page Engagement

by Heidi . July 23, 2014

One of the greatest benefits social media provided for bloggers and businesses is the ability to interact directly with their target audience, existing readers and customers. It’s an amazing opportunity to build relationships, establish deeper connections, and further your blogs and brands. But to use it you need a following that interacts with your content, […]

The Content Matrix – 4 Types of Content a Blog Needs

by Heidi . July 21, 2014

Content marketing is now crucial part of every blogger’s job. Great content is what readers want, followers adore and share, and Google pushes up in the SERPs. Social media, SEO, and content creation are all interconnected. There are lots of great posts on writing quality content on The Blogger Babes website. Feel free to search […]

2 Ways Beginner Bloggers Can Monetize Their New Blogs

by Heidi . July 18, 2014

If you’re just starting blogging, or your blog is relatively new, running for a few days or a few weeks with little to no traffic, there are two options for you to monetize: affiliate links and offering services. If you’re not sure whether you should be monetizing your blog at this point, please read our […]

5 Tips to a Great Blog Design

by Heidi . July 16, 2014

It seems pretty easy to build a site and start blogging, – just pick a theme and design, select a web hosting service, then hit the ‘publish’ button when it’s all set and ready to go. But if success is your goal, you’ll have to do a bit more thinking than that, no matter if […]

4 Ways Images Help Boost Social Media Presence, and 3 Image-Focused Sites to Be At

by Heidi . July 16, 2014

Living in the information era, we’re constantly bombarded with tons of content, all very interesting and begging for our attention. But we can’t give it to everything, cause if we do, we won’t have time for anything else in our lives. Last year Harvard Business Review published an article according to which we now produce […]

9 Steps for Bloggers to Build Their Brand Online

by Heidi . July 11, 2014

We “google” the name of the guy we want to date these days. And we’ll certainly “google” the people we do business with. Through search people discover the quality of your personal brand. It’s your responsibility to manage the presence and make sure you’re presented in the right light. Try to understand what your customers […]

Summer Is Here! But Your Blog Can’t Go On Vacation

by Heidi . July 9, 2014

It’s July And we can pretend to ignore the hot weather and the smell of the sea that appears to remind us of last year’s vacation, lying on the beach, swimming with the fish, hitting the bars at night…, but it won’t work. Our brains simply project us there, and our attention is no longer […]

6 Simple Tips to Get More People to Read Your Blog Posts

by Heidi . July 7, 2014

Let’s say you have an idea, something suitable to write on for your next post, and you’re ready to start typing. Before you do, there are few more things to consider that go beyond just writing a well-crafted interesting blog piece. Your content needs to be conversational and personal, to provide value to readers, but […]

Secure Your Blog from Hacker Attacks

by Heidi . July 4, 2014

I’m sure most of you think: “Why would anyone want to attack my blog? There’s little to no traffic, I don’t have any enemies, and my content is not about controversial topics that would make someone lash out on me.” But the truth is, in most cases, hackers don’t target one site in particular, but […]

Webinar: How To Make Blogs Appealing to Brands and Publicists

by Heidi . July 3, 2014

Please join us for a Webinar: How To Make Blogs Appealing to Brands and Publicists - featuring the fabulous Crosby Noricks of prcouture.com Creating your blog was and is a lot of work – or maybe you’re just diving into the world of blogging. Either way it’s time to start thinking of ways to better market […]