What’s a Good Bounce Rate for Blogs

by Heidi . September 12, 2014

The bounce rate represents the percentage of visitors who leave your blog not opening any other page. They click back to return to results, close the window, type in a new URL, go to an external link to other blog or website, or simply do nothing until the session runs out, but they don’t go […]

7 Steps to Increase Pinterest Following

by Heidi . September 10, 2014

Pinterest is standing pretty stable among the World’s top favorite social websites for a while now, currently being on the 4th position according to eBiz MBA, coming right after Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Research and studies confirm women absolutely adore the site, – it’s the place where they find inspiration and share it with others. […]

Can You Stay Safe on the Internet?

by Heidi . September 8, 2014

It is nearly impossible today to stay disconnected from the Internet, – we research and blog online, share on social media, monitor our brands, handle crisis, and personally enjoy searching for knowledge and staying connected to the people in our worlds. The price of interacting, and particularly shopping online (which women often do), is in […]

Stop Wasting Your Time! Productivity Apps & Tips for Bloggers

by Heidi . September 5, 2014

I know you don’t like it, but summer is nearly over (at least here in LA), and September is the month of needed adaptations to make the transformation from relax-mode to work-mode easier. Some things are just part of life (good or bad) and we need to accept them, whether we like the events or […]

In Numbers: Women, Blogs and Social Media

by Heidi . September 3, 2014

Last Tuesday, on August 26, it was Women’s Equality Day, a day to celebrate the women’s right to vote throughout the United States. And since Blogger Babes is a women’s blog with tips, news and events on blogging, I decided to look deeper into the data on women and blogs. I found two great infographics […]

5 Steps to Optimize Your Post Titles

by Heidi . September 1, 2014

SEO is not that hard and complicated; just has a bad reputation among bloggers, probably because at the beginning it actually was kind of tricky and grey. But as search is improving, optimization is getting more simple and accessible to everyone. Though it sounds confusing, at its most basic level, SEO actually refers to optimization […]

How is Google Plus Good for SEO?

by Heidi . August 29, 2014

Google Plus only started as just another social network but is now kind of a big shot in the social world, considering the fact that it’s the only one that has such an important influence on blogs and websites search rankings. The social site is getting more and more integrated into Google’s search results, and […]

Got to Write a Sponsored Post? 4 Things Are Important.

by Heidi . August 27, 2014

Writing sponsored posts is a great way to bring in more money to your blogging and diversify your income sources. When a brand asks you to write a review for their product, they value your writing and the following you’ve created, and want to reach out and engage this community. And it’s your job to […]

Write with Confidence without Coming Off Like a Know-It-All. Here’s What Helps…

by Heidi . August 25, 2014

Content marketing teaches us to talk to our readers with confidence and authority, and this can come naturally as result of a firm knowledge of the niche we write in. But when you write with confidence there’s always the risk of sounding more like a know-it-all, and this is likely to deter readers from your […]

There’s a Fine Line Between Online Marketing and Spamming. Be Careful Not to Cross It.

by Heidi . August 22, 2014

Every single day we get bombarded with lots of spam emails, regardless of whether we gave our email address or not. So it’s not surprising that many people see online marketing as spamming. The line between the two is fine and bending, but the difference they make is huge. While a well-planned and executed internet […]